K9 dog trning liverpool

K9 dog trning liverpool

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K9 dog trning liverpool | Dog trning bournemouth

The Best Dog Behaviorist in Liverpool. We have a proven track record of helping dogs and their owners cope with challenging dog behavior. We are one of the leading Dog Behavior Consultants in the world and our services are avlable to dogs and their owners all over the United Kingdom.

Get help with dog trning in liverpool

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I was amazed how much my dog had improved and I feel so much better now. Thanks to the wonderful staff at The Dog Coach Academy. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to make their dog a bit happier.

Wade, West Sussex, 11-14-2017

My dog is doing better than ever. I cannot thank The Dog Coach Academy enough for all the hard work they have done for me and my dog. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

Rebecca, Merseyside, 11-14-2017

I have had my dog for a year and he has done some really great work at The Dog Coach Academy. I would highly recommend them.

Clre, South East, 11-14-2017

My dog was on the verge of being given up due to him being nervous of being around other dogs and in fact my family were all having to cope with his aggression and would have been unable to care for him properly without assistance. I was given an assessment at The Dog Coach Academy and after just 4 months of working with the dog I’m confident he has had the tools to tackle all of his fears and is now a well behaved member of my family.

James, South East, 11-14-2017

Our dogs have never been so happy before. My 4 year old dog was constantly pulling on the lead, chewing everything she could get her mouth on and we thought that we were just going to have to get her put down. We took our dog for a free assessment with The Dog Coach Academy and she was immediately put on a trning regime to help her get better. I just wish we had found you earlier, the transformation has been amazing!

Sarah, West Midlands, 11-14-2017

I have had my dog for 5 years now, since she was a puppy. My last dog was extremely aggressive and used to knock me over and was always getting into trouble. After the free assessment with The Dog Coach Academy, we have not had an incident since. My dog is now very loving and even gets excited when she sees my friends at the local dog walk. We would not change our dogs for the world. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our dogs!

Sophie, South East, 11-14-2017

Our rescue dog had a very sad life before we adopted her. She had been brought up in a rescue centre with other dogs that she could not get along with. My wife and I tried to make her happy but we found it very hard. My wife and I both work full time and were struggling to cope with our dog and her aggression and bad habits. I took her for a free assessment with The Dog Coach Academy and from that we have been able to put her back on track. I cannot prse the staff enough for the hard work they have put in. We would not have had the same results without them.

Sarah, North West, 11-14-2017

Our dog used to pull and snap at people. She was aggressive towards other dogs and she used to bark. We took her for a free assessment with The Dog Coach Academy and we saw a dramatic change in her. I feel I could not thank you enough for all the work you have done for us.

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