Why does my cat follow me

Why does my cat follow me around the house like that?"

_Because she wants to be petted, you silly man!_

_Or because she wants to be carried._

_I bet she just wants to be held._

_Come here, silly girl!_

You could also use that to your advantage in a different way. You know the saying "you are what you eat"? Well, it's an idea, but think about it. Are you really what you eat? There's really no other option. Do you eat to be fed?

Or are you what you eat? Do you look at food and just see a tasty meal? Or do you see it as nourishment to support a human body that can get you out of all kinds of sticky situations?

A cat will take a bite out of food that you want. An animal that takes all the same foods that you eat would probably be a lot healthier than a cat that mostly eats what you do.

Do you ever look at food and think about just how expensive it is and how expensive you are as a human being? Do you have an opportunity to really look at food, and see it as the way your body is supported in a healthy way? What kind of food does a cat eat? If they eat the same food as you, how healthy is that for them?

It's all about the food. Think about it.

## Why is it important to look after the cat?

Cats can be very lonely. They are always more attached to their owners than we like to think. They usually don't have much human contact in their day-to-day lives, which is understandable considering how wild cats are.

In fact, in many cases they live in the wild and don't come into your home unless you want them to. They're basically out there playing a game of survival and are doing their best to keep their owners as safe and happy as possible.

If you feed a wild cat, and you don't give it a chance to live in a house with you, you may well be taking away its only chance of survival. So it's very important to keep a cat happy and comfortable in a home, by choosing a variety of foods that will satisfy the cat's dietary requirements. If it's a wild animal, it doesn't have to rely on our supermarkets for its diet, it's living on the best it can find, and it's a very fussy little cat.

A cat's diet can have a big impact on their health and lifestyle, and it can provide a great incentive to be more responsible for your pet's diet and health, as well as your own. Cats are fussy eaters and can be hard to feed, but with the right foods, they can be very happy, healthy cats.

## Are there any particular foods that cats love?

In my experience, cats generally like the type of food they were raised on. It makes sense, doesn't it? They were bred as small furry animals and need to eat a lot. However, with lots of food, it doesn't mean they're overweight. It's essential that you feed your cat a diet that meets its specific needs.

Some foods that cats absolutely love to eat include:

• **Canned food:** Any good brand of cat food that has ingredients that your cat has been eating in its wild state and has adapted to.

• **Dry food:** Usually a combination of meat with something else added in, but in a natural form, such as grain, so that it doesn't upset your cat's stomach.

• **Beef:** There's nothing like a good steak on a cold winter's evening. Beef is full of protein and is also full of natural fats, which is good for your cat.

• **Fish:** Any kind of high-protein food, including canned salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, and whitefish.

• **Chicken:** Canned chicken has some of the best protein on the market today, and it's full of great nutrients. There's also a growing awareness of the importance of free-range chickens, so look for these.

• **Soy:** Soy products are really good for your cat. They have a lot of protein and are great for their skin, so be aware of your cat's skin condition.

• **Vegetables:** Cats love leafy greens, which they need to eat in larger quantities than any other meat. They also like fresh fruit, although your cat may prefer canned.


**Are there special considerations for traveling?**

Traveling with your cat shouldn't be a big deal. He should be allowed to travel in a box in the car or on your lap during a plane ride. But he'll probably love it if you make travel easier for him.

## **Dinner in a Box**

Your cat probably won't be happy about eating the same food he eats every day. So be creative. Consider having him take part in the dinner table. There are lots of dishes and ways to present food that will keep your cat entertained while he chows down. Have fun, and enjoy it while it lasts—your cat isn't likely to have this kind of dining experience again.

If you'd rather not make your cat feel like he's part of the meal, make sure to have all the ingredients ready to go before he's even ready to sit down. That way you can make sure your meal is ready for him and there's nothing else on the floor for him to munch on.

## **Breakfast in a Box**

Have a breakfast box made. Start with a box the right size for your cat. Cut a small window in the side or one of the top and a top and bottom flap. Then fill it with your cat's favorite food. (Be sure to give him only a small portion and leave the rest on the table for other members of the household.) Place the box on your kitchen counter, and let your cat out to eat in it when he's ready. This keeps your cat on the eating side of the box and off the counter.

## **Cocktail Party**

Cats seem to be fascinated with the idea of eating while standing up. They'll often try to knock their food over by nudging it with their heads or claws. Some cats take that even further and actually try to grab the food and eat it while they're still standing.

This is a perfect situation for you to set up a buffet. Let your cat sit on his favorite spot in the kitchen and select a small dish or bowl to eat from. Then let him choose what he wants to eat, how much he wants to eat, and how long he wants to eat.

Set the food up in front of him so that you don't have to worry about spillage or waste. He'll be eating from a bowl instead of a table, and you can move the bowl back to the kitchen if you want to. A buffet lets your cat stay on the eating side of things, and he won't have to worry about anything else while he's eating.

Your cat's dinner can be made up of anything, as long as it's soft, preferably with lots of moisture. Try using a meat or fish product such as sausage, ground beef, chicken, liver, or fish. You can use chicken, beef, or ground beef liver, pork, beef, or poultry liver. Try meat jerky, as long as you don't use a sticky coating.

A good mix

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