To laugh: Spitz puppy has a sneezing fit

To laugh: Spitz puppy has a sneezing fit

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The cute spitz-puppy in this video shows a strange behavior when it itches his nose. Instead of the tingling

with a short, jerky sneeze, the little dog shows full physical effort.

"Oh yes, my nose tingles. It doesn't work like that!", The fleece ball seems to think and immediately starts to clear his sinuses again. Hahahahahahaaaaaatschiiiiiii, does the cute four-legged friend and sneezes with full strength. But that's not all: During his sneezing fit, he shakes his entire body, swings his head back and forth and makes a rather strange sound, as if he wanted to really chase away the itching sensation. But apparently it was worth the effort, the nose is free again and the puppy is happy and satisfied again. So sweet and funny!


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