First visit to dog meadow: 4 tips to start

First visit to dog meadow: 4 tips to start

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Dog walking offers four-legged friends the opportunity to play and have fun together. A first visit to the dog meadow can be stressful for dogs that are not used to so much companionship. Here are 4 tips on how to get your woof used to the new terrain. Dog walking and playing there with other dogs are a dream for almost every four-legged friend - Shutterstock / Sasa Dzambic Photography

If you go to the dog meadow with your dog, it can be very busy at peak times, but also otherwise. So that the first visit to the dog meadow is not characterized by stress and even fear, you should make it as easy and pleasant as possible for your animal partner so that he can fully enjoy the advantages of a dog meadow.

1. Go for a walk in the dog meadow before your first visit

To prepare your dog for the first visit to the dog meadow, you should go for a walk with him in advance. After a walk he is more balanced and calmer. Important: do not go for a walk in the dog meadow area - this is only a play area and does not replace daily walking with owners.

2. Come before peak times

In order not to expose your dog directly to a large number of foreign dogs, you should come a little closer to the dog meadow if possible. Find out when it is fullest on the dog meadow and just come an hour before. So your dog can get to know each newcomer individually and in peace and is not himself the newcomer who is received by a pack of strangers.

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3. Be patient

Basically, you should be patient - if your dog does not work the first time on the dog meadow, just try again on other days. Like humans, not all dogs can cope with many of their own kind and need a little warm-up time before they finally chase across the square.

4. Look relaxed and safe

A first visit to the dog meadow is usually characterized by curiosity - so many other dogs want to get to know them. On the other hand, if your woof is rather fearful or reserved, give it security by showing yourself relaxed and satisfied. If your dog notices that everything is OK, it also relaxes and is more open to harmonious interaction with other four-legged friends.


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