Border Terrier: character of the small dog breed

Border Terrier: character of the small dog breed

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The Border Terrier may be rather small - but it is one of the robust and strong dog breeds. And for a terrier, the little dogs are very balanced. The respective personalities of the Border Terriers range from shy to very confident. What they have in common is a natural curiosity. The Border Terrier is a brave dog that should be used well - Photo: Shutterstock / rebeccaashworth

If you want to buy a Border Terrier, you can look forward to a dog that, with its playful nature, likes to travel with families with children. This four-legged friend is also very versatile. A character who needs a lot of effort in occupancy and upbringing.

What is the character of the Border Terrier?

The Border Terrier combines many positive qualities in its character. They include:

● Courage
● independence
● Joy of learning
● Peace and balance (assuming enough workload)
● intelligence
● philanthropy

His physical characteristics include:

● endurance
● resilience
● Weatherproof, even in adverse conditions

The Border Terrier is one of the independently hunting and guarding dog breeds. The rule is: this character accepts every challenge. You should note that he does not necessarily ask permission from the owner. On the other hand, the Border Terrier is extremely docile, as far as it makes sense to use a command.

Terriers are often said to be hot-headed and quick-tempered. In this case, this is not entirely true: if you use the border terrier well, your best friend will present himself calmly and balanced. This breed will be happy to accompany you and will always be happy to discover new things with you.

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Who is the Border Terrier suitable for?

With its enormous need for movement and employment, the Border Terrier is excellently suited as a companion for hunting. This four-legged friend is also very available for sports such as agility or flyball. Its robustness and endurance also allow it to run with the horse for hours. Important in this context: a good upbringing. His hunting instinct otherwise makes it very difficult for him to be able to walk with you without a leash.

The Border Terrier defies all harsh weather, so you shouldn't have anything against cold, wind and weather. Make sure that your animal gets used to environmental stimuli and strange dogs and start early with an education in which consequence and motivation prevail.

This breed loves the game. Combined with the robustness of the border terrier, this results in a dog that is well suited for families with children. Caution with small animals living in the household. They are primarily prey for the Border Terrier, even if he has known them for a while. In order to live in peace with cats in everyday life, your partner should get to know the velvet paw with the cold snout already in puppy age.


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