Cat Shorty knocks Christmas decorations off the table

Cat Shorty knocks Christmas decorations off the table

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Cat Shorty seems to have something against Christmas decorations for some unknown reason. In the video, her master places a small wooden snowman as a pendant on the table next to her and exhorts her to leave it there. Nope!

"Do you see this Christmas decoration, Shorty? I'm going to put it here now and you won't throw it down," Shorty's master says to the cheeky black fluffy cat. Shorty looks at him with wide eyes, then her gaze wanders to the little wooden snowman and - Zack - knocks the figure off the table with a targeted paw stroke. "Oh Shorty," sighs her favorite person, "that's why we can't have nice things here." Cat Shorty cares little ... what leads her owner to tempt her. Fortunately, the fur nose is so cute that you can not resent it.

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