A Dog Diet with Carrots

A Dog Diet with Carrots

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Dogs usually aren't shy about making their desire to eat human food known, whether you're chowing down on a tasty grilled chicken salad or a handful of raw carrot sticks. The carrots can be a healthy and safe occasional snack or treat choice for your hungry little canine.


If you're working on putting together a nutritionally balanced diet plan for your little one, make sure carrots aren't the sole element. According to the ASPCA, canines are classified as omnivores. This means they essentially can thrive on both meat and vegetables. Meat, whether chicken, beef, or another species, provides your pal the beneficial amino acids his fluffy body needs. He can't get those from eating only carrots or other vegetables.

Dietary Supplements

In the event of a stubborn pooch who seems to open her mouth up only for carrots, speak to the veterinarian about possible use of nutritional supplements. A dog must have taurine, calcium, iron, zinc and arginine, along with a variety of other equally crucial components. Never cut corners regarding matters of your cutie's health. She depends on you to keep her strong.

Carrots as Treats

When it comes to keeping your pal's diet balanced and nutritious, you may want to keep carrots as an occasional reward snack. A few slices of carrot are a healthy treat to reward your canine companion for doing a good job at her vet appointment, for example. Other veggie or fruit options that are safe for your pal include slices of zucchini, cucumber or apple. Dogs often love crunchy textures.

Possibly Harmful Veggies and Fruits

While certain vegetables and fruits are appropriate for dogs, not all of them are. The Humane Society of the United States warns against allowing dogs to eat grapes, onions and avocados, among others.

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