Castration of the bitch: This is how the surgery works

Castration of the bitch: This is how the surgery works

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The dog is also spayed if the ovaries are removed and not only the fallopian tubes are cut. The veterinarian can use various methods to perform this procedure. There are different ways to castrate a bitch - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Nivens

There are basically two options for neutering a bitch: either the veterinarian removes both the ovaries and the uterus, or only the ovaries are removed. The latter variant is particularly suitable if the dog was not yet in heat or was only in heat once and the organs are still correspondingly small and little developed. It is also a prerequisite that the uterus is healthy, otherwise it must be removed. Good to know: Castration also works if the uterus remains in the body.

Castration of the bitch: classic operation

Before the castration, the bitch is first put under anesthesia, which is why she must absolutely appear sober to the operation. In the classic surgical method, the abdomen is then opened with a long incision that begins at the navel. The uterus and ovaries are stored in front and tied before they can be removed or the uterus can be moved back, if necessary. The abdominal wall is then closed in several layers with a suture.

Laparoscopic castration

With this type of surgery, also known as the "keyhole method", the veterinarian only has to make three small incisions, which means that this variant is by no means as invasive as the classic castration procedure. While a camera with a light source (a so-called endoscope) and working instruments are guided through two of the cuts, the third opening serves to actually remove the organs. The veterinarian observes every step of the procedure on a computer monitor that displays the image from the small camera. The risk of surgery and also the recovery time of the bitch are significantly less than with the conventional variant.

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