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Four great doghouses for your four-legged friend

Spring is coming and with it the time when life is moving more and more outside. If your dog likes to play in the garden, he will surely be happy about a place where he can rest a bit from the romp and romp. These four dog houses are perfect for that. Four great doghouses for your four-legged friend - Image: Shutterstock / Kichigin

1. Dog place with a view

After a strenuous game of tobogganing, your four-legged friend can relax in the garden and enjoy the beautiful weather. This dog house offers the perfect place for it: Inside, your dog has peace and shade - via the small stairs he gets to his very own sun deck.

2. Practical and weatherproof: plastic model

The great advantage of this dog house: the material. The retreat for your four-legged friend is made of plastic. The hut offers protection from wind and weather and is also very light. So you can easily move them from one place to another. If your dog is too warm in the sun, you can, for example, easily put his house in the shade.

3. Dog house with veranda and weather protection

In this chic dog house, your dog is not only comfortable, but is also protected from wind and weather. The house has a sloping bitumen roof that keeps out the rain. In addition, transparent slats hang in front of the door, which do not give moisture and wind a chance inside the retreat. And when the sun is shining, your four-legged friend can lie outside on the cozy veranda.

4. Comfortable in the apartment

If you don't have a garden where your dog can run around and play, he doesn't have to do without his own little house. This dog house made of soft plush is intended for the apartment and is an ideal retreat for your four-legged friend. In it it is cozy and soft and warm.