Dog eats everything from the floor: what to do with "garbage swallowing"?

Dog eats everything from the floor: what to do with "garbage swallowing"?

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Your dog eats everything off the floor or what he finds on the way, including garbage, feces and other things? This behavior is normal for dogs to a certain extent, but it can also be dangerous because what is found on the street and in the bushes is not always good for the body. With the help of conditioning, you can stop him from eating everything. Sniff yes, feed no! With good dog training, you can prevent your dog from eating everything off the floor - Shutterstock / Elena Efimova

Disease germs and worms, splinters, nails, toxic ingredients and also poison baits - the dangers for dogs that eat all kinds of things from the ground outside are great. Behind the behavior is usually only the instinctive curiosity of dogs. In some cases, however, an illness or deficiency symptoms can be responsible for "garbage swallowing" - in case of doubt, clarify this with the veterinarian. The alternative to the muzzle is called conditioning.

Dog eats everything off the floor: Prevent by conditioning

To ensure that your dog no longer eats everything off the floor, you should condition it to leave what it has found. Dogs are opportunists; Your pelt must understand that there are advantages to leaving the half-decayed bird or garbage bag. You can achieve this with a positive event. If you see that your four-legged friend is walking towards an object on the floor and may already be sniffing it, keep it off with a slight jerk on the leash and / or with a clear "No" or "Pooh". If he now lets go of the object, use this moment and immediately hand him a dog treat or praise him in another way. In the best case, your cold nose will understand over time that it is worth it if you do not pick up garbage and the like.

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Provoke wrongdoing: repetition makes perfect

The method mentioned above is primarily intended for spontaneous emergencies and can bear fruit over time. You can also train conditioning consciously to avoid the emergency in a targeted manner. The aim is to provoke the wrongdoing to a certain extent: prepare a path with a few baits, i.e. different (naturally harmless) objects such as dry food pieces and then walk the prepared path with your dog.

It won't be long before your "garbage chute" locates your bait. If he wants to catch it afterwards, stop him with commands and if necessary with a slight line jerk and reward him with exuberant praise or a treat when he lets go of the bait. It will take a few hours of training before your dog is conditioned not to eat everything off the floor. As usual, be patient in dog training and go step by step. If you have any difficulties, you can contact an experienced dog trainer.

A method similar to that described here is traditionally part of the anti-poison bait training. You can find more information on this in the guide: "Preparation for anti-poison bait training with the dog."


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