Bengal cat Boomer is playing in the sand for the first time

Bengal cat Boomer is playing in the sand for the first time

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Boomer has now grown into a handsome Bengal cat who can surf, skateboard and walk on a leash. But even a cool cat like him used to be a clumsy minimie. In the video, the sweet Fratz gets to know sand for the first time - and thinks it's great!

Bengali cat Boomer lives with his big cat sister Didga in Australia with animal trainer Robert Dollwet and learns many great tricks there. In the video he is only eleven weeks young and has a lot of fun playing in the sand. At the beginning he tries whether the crumbly stuff can possibly be eaten, but then decides against it. Digging around in it, romping around and playing with your favorite person and the game rod is much funnier! Such a cute little button!

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