Red panda lady Chori turns 16 and is given a fruit cake

Red panda lady Chori turns 16 and is given a fruit cake

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The cute lady in the video is called Chori and is a red panda, also called little panda, cat bear or bear cat. The climbing artist celebrates her 16th birthday and receives a very special gift from her carers in the Symbio Wildlife Park.

Ash Clarke, zookeeper at Symbio Wildlife Park, has come up with a tasty and decorative delicacy for Chori's birthday: a fruit cake! The "cake" is equipped with all the favorite fruits of the red panda lady and immediately lures the 16-year-old down from her tree in the panda enclosure. First of all, the good piece is thoroughly examined before it comes into culinary contact. Chori obviously tastes good! With this gift, the bar for the 17th birthday has been raised.

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