Dog training: the command "Off!" teach

Dog training: the command "Off!" teach

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If you give your dog the command "Off!" the best way to teach is to start playing. The command is important because you should be able to get your dog to drop something at any time that it shouldn't have in its mouth or eat. "Out!" Teach: It's easiest to play! - Image: Shutterstock / Elena Efimova

If your four-legged friend finds a poison bait or retrieves something that is not a dog toy and is potentially dangerous, the command "Out!" be life-saving for him. Follow these steps if you want to teach your dog.

The command "Off!" teach: preparation

It is best to teach your fur nose this command as a puppy. Even adult dogs can learn something new, but it will be much more difficult for them to understand what you want them to do. If you want to teach your dog something, the easiest way to teach it is to teach it to them when they play.

To train this command, take a ball or other dog toy that he likes to carry in his mouth outside and don't forget to have a few treats with you as a reward. The treats must be more attractive to your dog than their toys. Now you start to play normally with your dog and make sure that he combines the giving of his toy with the command "Aus" and a shortly thereafter reward.

So it works playfully

With the treats, your dog can be safely distracted from his toys. If your four-legged friend is carrying his toy straight in his snout, take the snacks you have brought with you out of your pocket - as soon as your dog has discovered you, he will probably drop his toy to devote himself to the delicacies.

The moment he drops the toy, say "Out!" and then reward your four-legged friend with a treat. So he realizes that it is worthwhile for him to spend his "prey" on this particular signal. It will take a few repetitions for your dog to understand what is "out!" means and he drops what he carries in his mouth on command. Repeat the exercise by first clicking "Off!" say and exuberantly reward your dog if successful.

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How long and how often the command "Off!" work out?

At the beginning, a few minutes of training time per lesson are sufficient. To do this, train several times a day. This way, your four-legged friend stays focused, enjoys learning and does not lose interest. You can gradually increase the training time. Always stop as long as your dog is still enthusiastic. After all, it should be worth it for him, the command "Off!" to follow. If he has to keep practicing even though his willingness to accept has been used up, it won't work.

Summary: This is how your dog learns the command "Out!"

Here you will find the most important tips again shortly, how to give your dog the command "Off!" teach:
● Start training in puppy age
● Play playfully
● It must be worth it for your dog, on "Off!" to let go of his "prey"
● Several short workouts are better than a few long ones

The command "Off!" is vital for your dog, especially with regard to poison baits. In the following video, dog trainer Daniel Strothe explains how he taught his four-legged friends how to order things that can be dangerous for the animals:


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