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Funny video: cat makes himself comfortable in front of the escalator

Funny video: cat makes himself comfortable in front of the escalator

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A current YouTube video shows impressively that cats have their own heads. This shows: A velvet paw that takes a nap right in front of an escalator, regardless of the passers-by - true to the motto: "I sleep where I want."

In Istanbul, a cat has made itself comfortable in front of the exit of a subway station. The cheeky cuddle doesn't seem to disturb the fact that it blocks the way for hundreds of people walking by. But on the contrary. It cannot be disturbed. The numerous passers-by do not prevent them from taking a little nap in front of the escalator.

And how do the people walking by react? They are obviously in a hurry. No one dares to chase away the furry obstacle. Everyone is considerate of the sleeping cat and climbs over it so as not to disturb their nap.

Cats and their sleeping habits

Cats like to sleep a lot and like - on average around 16 hours and more the fur noses rest ...


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