Heartwarmingly cute puppy gang sleeps and dreams

Caution, risk of sugar shock! The tiny little puppies in the video sleep very deeply. As if that weren't cute enough, the Schnuffelflauschis also dream. The baby dogs wag their tails very gently, shrug their miniature paws and whine with their fine voices that it's a pleasure.

The best thing to do would be to watch the video with the tiny dog ​​puppies in the dreamland in an endless loop all day long. Your heart simply peaks when you see these cute, sweet plushies while sleeping. The cuddly softies radiate so much love and basic trust that it is contagious. Have a good sleep, sweeties and have wonderful dreams!

What do animals dream of when they sleep?

When animals shrug their paws or make sounds when they sleep, they seem to be dreaming ...