Introductory round: This is the name of the residents of the Japanese cat flat share

The Japanese cat flat share in the video has grown from 9 cats to 14 cats and a dog. Not so easy to remember so many names. The following film may help.

At the beginning some of the cats can still be seen eating. Then it starts with the introductory round: cat lady Lulu is one of the oldest residents of the cat flat share. It can be recognized by its gray tiger pattern and its light red highlights in the fur. Then you can see the two red tiger cats Kojiro and Maru - Maru is Kojiro's son and has slightly smaller ears than his dad.

Next, two of Maru's siblings introduce themselves: Brother Taro is a gray tiger cat with white spots, Sister May is a gray tiger cat. Then a resident sneaks up from behind: Osamu, a large, gray fluffy cat with a bushy puschel tail. He came to the cat flat share as cat No. 10 when he was a small, shaggy baby.

After that, cat May can still be seen with her sister Michelle - the two gray tiger cats look confusingly similar. The tabby lucky cat Ichigo - in English "strawberry" - walks next through the picture. She is one of the last new additions to the cat flat share, together with her brother Koro. With its green googly eyes, gray tiger pattern and white bib as well as white socks, it is particularly cuddly to look at.

The cat mom from Maru, Taro, May and Michelle also lives in the shared apartment - the three-colored Scottish-Fold cat Mü (written: µ). The gray tiger cat Rey can be recognized by its extraordinary talkability. She likes to mumble what she can. Like Lulu, the following resident is one of the senior citizens in the cat flat share: Musashi, a gray tiger cat with green almond eyes.

Cat Mi-ke is particularly easy to distinguish from the others. It is white with red and gray spots - a lucky cat like in a picture book. Momo - in German "peach" - is a lucky cat and Rey's sister. But she has less white fur than Mi-ke and is less googly-eyed than Ichigo - but still adorable.

And finally, the little tick of the animal flat share must not be missing: Golden Retriever puppy Kuuta, the only resident who can not purr. But he also feels at home in his home!

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