Sugar-sweet baby goats are jumping around

Goats like to hop for their lives. It is simply in their blood, as the four cute baby goats show in the video. The fluffy noses are just one day old and are already practicing the high jump. Mama Goat is of course nearby and is watching the first acrobatic attempts.

The four kids Gershwin, Butterscotch, Marigold and Bruno are of the very playful variety. You want to challenge them to play and make yourself available as an obstacle to jumping, that's how cute the clique is. To keep the quartet from freezing, their owners put colorful wool sweaters on them that are tailored to their small bodies. The goat babies look even cuddly in it than they already do.

You can see even more cute goat kids in the following video:

Bouncing, cuddling, romping: that's how kid life is fun!

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