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Are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Videos of cats frightened by cucumbers are circulating on the Internet. But what is behind this bizarre phenomenon? Are the four-legged friends really afraid of the vegetables? We clarify. Is that correct? Do cats really panic about cucumbers? - Image: Shutterstock / Marko Radenkovic

The trick is always the same: the cat is calm when eating and the owner places a cucumber behind the velvet paw. If she turns around, she is so frightened that she, with her cat's hump and raised neck hair, hardly stays on the floor. There are many videos with exactly these pictures on the Internet. But are cats really afraid of cucumbers?

Are cucumbers the cats kryptonite?

Many Internet users are convinced that the panicked reaction of the cats is evolutionary and stems from the fact that the shape of the cucumber reminds the kitty of a snake.

The British animal psychologist Dr. However, Roger Mugford sees it differently. He explains to the "Telegraph" that the surprise effect is the cause of the behavior of the animals. According to him, cats would also be afraid of other objects that were suddenly behind them.

The cucumbers in the videos are just very close to the cats so that they cannot assess what the object is. In addition, cats expect no danger from the food bowl. It is all the more surprising when the four-legged friends turn around and suddenly discover an object behind them.

The natural reaction to this is panic. The cats first get to safety as quickly as possible to inspect the foreign object from a distance.

What scares cats and why

Fear is an important part of the survival instinct for cats and all other living things ...

Scaring cats - not a good idea

Even if the cucumber trick looks pretty funny, you shouldn't imitate it if possible. The cats can injure themselves when jumping. It is also not advisable to scare the velvet paws at the feeding place and take away the feeling of security there. This can mean that the four-legged friends will continue to associate this place with fear and stress in the future and therefore no longer want to eat.