In detail

Simon misses his hangover - still

Recently Simon's Cat left his master angry. Will the famous internet hangover and his owner find each other again in the new episode?

At the beginning you can see how master Simon obviously wakes up from a terrible nightmare. He is looking for his hangover. But there is still no sign of that far and wide. Even with food and pipes, Simon is unable to lure his velvet paw back home.

In the meantime, Simon's Cat is out. He still seems angry with his master. The reason for his escape: his owner actually wanted to bathe him. But that was not at all to his liking, which is why Simon's Cat quickly pulled out.

On his flight from home, the cat suddenly meets a cat lady. The two hunt for a butterfly. Everything suddenly seems so beautiful until suddenly both are gone. And then it starts to rain and a bird steals its provisions. Will the Simon's Cat make you return home to its owner?

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