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Teach the dog to retrieve: tips

No matter whether ball, soft toy or dog toy: If you teach your dog to retrieve, you combine play, fun and training for the little head with each other and keep your pet busy in a sophisticated way. Here are a few tips on how your four-legged friend can best learn how to retrieve. Most dogs have fun retrieving - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

Start training slowly when you teach your dog to retrieve and build up the "lessons" in a meaningful way. You need a long dog leash, a few snacks as a reward and a suitable item: Your fur nose should be able to carry it in your mouth without running the risk of injuring yourself. The retrieval object is called "retrieval" in technical terminology and can be both a toy and a soft toy, a dummy or a piece of wood.

Teach fetch: the beginnings

So that your dog runs after the retriever when you throw it, you have to make it interesting for him. For example, his favorite toy is a good choice. Even a dummy that you have previously equipped with treats can encourage your dog to run after the object. Balls that continue to bounce after throwing also stimulate your dog to run, but can stimulate his hunting instinct. Therefore, caution is advised with such retrievers. You can find out how to teach your four-legged friend how to retrieve with a dummy in our guide "Dummy training with dogs: what is that actually?" read.

Now you need a little space and rest so that your dog can concentrate on you. A long towline is designed to prevent your pet from running away with its captured object. Now throw the toy and praise your four-legged friend when he runs after and picks it up. Then entice him by calling him and gradually shortening the leash until he is with you. Then let the object be given with the command "Off".

Ball fun for the dog - but without risk, please

When playing ball with dogs, the right amount of things is important. Experts recommend that ...

Reward your pet

The game should be fun! If your dog brings them the toy, then of course they should only associate it with positive feelings - convey this to them by rewarding them properly with a praising voice, treats or the clicker as soon as they give you the toy.

Repeat the game over and over again in the next few days. Keep the lessons short and repeat them more often so that your dog participates motivated and does not lose the joy of playing because he is overwhelmed. If it goes well, you can start saying a command like the word "bring" when your dog runs to get the toy. In time, he will remember what to do on this command! Always end the training with a sense of achievement for your fur nose - after all, he shouldn't get the feeling that his prey will be taken away if you remove the retriever.

In the following video you will find a few more training tips:

Teach fetch: variant for sniffing noses

If your dog tends to be a ball junkie and starts running uncontrollably as soon as you throw an object, you should teach him another variant for retrieving. Do not throw away the retriever, but let your dog sit while you hide the object. Then send your four-legged friend with the command "Bring" or "Apport" so that it looks for the "prey", fetches and brings it to you.

Especially if your dog is not blessed with great frustration tolerance and impulse control and is very impatient, it will take a while to master this exercise. But in the end, he and you are happier, happier and more balanced. You both have to concentrate well and pay attention to each other, which is very beneficial for the bond between humans and dogs.

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