How to make dog in little alchemy

How to make dog in little alchemy

I have a pet cat (male) and a new born dog (female). I would like to know how to make dog in little alchemy.


The easiest way to do this would be to feed a cat, but feed the cat in your pet house, not in the alchemy lab. The cat won't be able to understand the commands you'll send.

Next, you'd need to buy a dog. They can be purchased from a store for anywhere from $1 to $100. You should also buy the dog a house to live in. Then, you need to equip your house with a cat bed. This is the most important part of the process, because it will attract the cat to come live there. Once the cat comes to live in your house, use the "Command" option on it. This is a command that you'll use to interact with it. Here are the commands you'd use.

Command: Pickup Cat

Command: Cat Pet Dog

Command: Feed Cat

Now your dog will understand the cat as a friend and will be happy to give you treats. You can then make the dog into a little alchemy project by equipping the dog with a potion and a pair of earrings. Use the "Create Animal" option and follow the prompts on the screen. This will create a dog, and when finished, you'll be able to equip it with a potion and earrings, and equip it with the potion that the cat is holding.

If you're unable to buy a cat, you can instead make a cat out of a chicken. The process will be almost identical, except you'll need to find a chicken. The chickens from the farm are too expensive. Instead, you'll need to make your own chicken by using the "Create Animal" option and following the prompts. To do this, you'll need to find the ingredients and equipment listed on the chicken recipe page.

The steps for this process are very similar to the cat process, except that there are no commands. There are several steps in the process that you need to take and several recipes that you need to use to get the finished project. There are also several ingredients that you need to use for this.

Ingredients: Cat, Pig, Goat, Chicken, Dog

Equipment: Cat bed, Cat earrings, Cat potion, Chicken house

The final ingredient will be a chicken. I will not go into too much detail on how to get a chicken, because this process is not only complicated, but also very boring. The main point is that you'll need to have a farm and a chicken coop (which you can make from the chicken recipe), and a chicken or a cat. You'll also need to gather all of the required ingredients. Once you have the required ingredients, you can start building the chicken's house.

When the house is finished, equip the house with the cat bed, the cat earrings and the cat potion. The chicken will eventually come to live in the house. The only step left is to give the chicken the cat's potion, and you'll be ready to make the chicken a little alchemy project.

The cat will become your friend, and the chicken will become your friend's friend.

This process can be made even more complicated by using a different pet house, a different cat bed, and a different cat potion.

Note: This is not guaranteed. Some things that you'd think would work for this do not actually work. For example, while most cats would like to be friends with a dog, some cats don't really like dogs. You may need to try a different cat house, or another cat bed, or different cat potion, or try the cat in another pet house.

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