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Practical tools against cat hair on textiles

Cat lovers are used to it, but nevertheless the many hairs of the four-legged friends on clothing, furniture and Co. are annoying. Textile brushes or other practical tools can help here. We have found four different helpers for you. Practical tools against cat hair on textiles - Image: Shutterstock / Valeri Potapova

1. The classic: the textile brush

This miracle brush easily removes cat hair and the like from the sofa, your clothes or the scratching pad. The fine bristles pick up the hairs and collect them - just pull them out with a fine comb. You can use the brush daily as needed.

2. Mechanical animal hair remover

This animal hair remover works purely mechanically by pushing and pulling. You can get all animal hair out of upholstery or carpets with ease. The handling is very simple: just wash the tool after each use and you can use it again.

3. Handy rubber hair remover

This practical depilation aid is made of rubber and can therefore also be easily washed off after each use. The animal hair stays in place thanks to the small knobs - so you clean your textiles and furniture from the fur of your four-legged friends. Thanks to the handy format, you can always have the little helper with you, it fits in every pocket.

4. Mini vacuum cleaner attachment

If you want to put heavier guns against the animal hair on your sofa and carpet, you can try this turbo brush for the vacuum cleaner. It can be easily placed on the vacuum cleaner and so sucks and combs all the cat and dog hair out of the textiles. Simply clean the small brush heads after each use and the next time you have the full power of the vacuum cleaner.

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