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Buy retro pug: difference to other pugs?

The retro pug - like its cousin, the "classic" pug - is an endearing, happy and somewhat stubborn little dog that quickly takes his favorite people to heart. The two types of pug differ mainly in their physical appearance; Retro pugs are bred with a longer snout so that they can breathe better and are a little sportier than their peers. The retro pug tries to breed the snout again longer so that the dogs can breathe better - Shutterstock / Annette Shaff

Some animal rights activists are of the opinion that "classic" pug breeding borders on agony breeding. Pugs have difficulty breathing due to their flat, indented snouts, are not particularly flexible due to their short legs and tend to be overweight. Therefore, there is a kind of countermovement that the breed wants to breed back to its original state: the retro pug.

What is a retro pug?

Every dog ​​breed has certain desirable characteristics that are considered breed-typical and are often optical in nature. However, some of these visual criteria come at the expense of dog health and increase the risk of certain diseases. For example, the pug often suffers from shortness of breath and shortness of breath because its short catch and flat face make it difficult to breathe. He is also prone to weight problems due to his short stature, and the large, protruding googly eyes can easily catch fire. However, this was not always the case: at the beginning of pug breeding, the little dog had a longer snout, was a bit slimmer and more agile and his eyes did not protrude so far ("exophthalmos", as the technical term for "googly eyes").

In principle, the retro pug is nothing more than a pug hybrid - in retro pug breeding, specific breeds are specifically crossed in order to achieve its original stature and clearer airways. The animals are then about three quarters pug and a quarter pinscher or terrier. This distinguishes the retro pug from the old German pug, which is purebred. In the Old German Pug only pugs are mated that have longer snouts, longer legs, no "googly eyes" and a sportier physique. If you want to see the difference between the "classic" type and the retro pug, you can compare the following cute puppy videos:

Pug - A dog for all purposes

Buy retro pug: you should pay attention to this

However, a retro pug is not automatically better or healthier than other pugs. He is usually less susceptible to respiratory problems, eye diseases and obesity, but there can also be black sheep among retro pug breeders. Conversely, there are reputable pug breeders who make sure that their dogs are not overbred and can lead a long, healthy, happy life. Take a look at the dog breeder of your choice and his animals personally during a visit, so you can get an idea. Do the dogs have enough space, places of retreat and are they so involved in the household that they can get used to all kinds of everyday noises? Is your home clean and tidy? These are good signs. Healthy pugs - whether retro pug, old German pug or "classic" pug - don't breathe with the slightest effort, they are playful, curious and happy. If you also listen to your gut feeling before you buy a retro pug, nothing can go wrong.