Is it normal for cats to lick each others privates

Is it normal for cats to lick each others privates

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Is it normal for cats to lick each others privates?

My female cat is about 6 yrs old and I have a male cat about 2 yrs old. They both sleep on their own litter boxes and I have no idea if there is a relationship between the two. However, my female has a habit of licking each others private parts and she always does this whenever she comes into contact with her brother. He seems to be oblivious to it. When she does this, I am a bit disgusted but I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

It depends on the circumstances, there is no such thing as "normal" as I've learned over the years with many pets.

If it's a family pet, and you and your husband/boyfriend are both okay with it, then it's fine. But if it's a pet that you want to share with a family member, then I'd suggest finding a solution, because it can make them uncomfortable.

If you've rsed the issue with your male, then you know he's ok with it. If he's unaware of it, then you'll have to make sure he is comfortable with it before he does it.

If you're disgusted by it, try to find something they can both enjoy together, or just enjoy the cat's attention for her.

I'd say it depends on the female cat as to whether or not it is normal. Some cats are very playful and may like to play "rough" with their siblings. As a result, there is rubbing/licking, etc. I'm sure there are some that would like nothing more than to lay down on the sibling and lick them all over. That may be normal for that cat.

I think it would be more normal if the female cat is acting "toward" the male, not just "with" him.

My male cat also does the same thing. He doesn't bother us because he's well socialized, but I would feel weird about it.

It is a normal behavior that is exhibited by male cats. The female cat licks her kittens because she feels maternal. It is a natural behavior that comes with being a mom. I do not think that it is gross or weird. Just a natural cat trt. The female cat also does the same with other cats and other animals she is in contact with. It is not a behavior that is unique to the domestic cat. In the wild it is normal for male lions to "play-wrestle" with one another, etc. I do not find this to be gross or weird, or bad behavior.

If a male cat is playing rough with a female it is not good and they should be separated as soon as possible, but otherwise I do not find it to be bad. There are many ways that male cats play rough with one another and the females should not be punished for playing this way. It is their nature and we cannot control it, so we have to be patient and teach our male cats to play nice and gently with other cats and dogs. They learn to respect and understand the rules of "touch" by doing this. We have a cat that is a very "rough" playmate. We have played with him for many years and he is always gentle. If we are away for more than one night, we take care to separate him from our other cat.

The "playful" male cat that is rough with a female is likely a dominant cat. He has not had good socialization and needs to be re-socialized. This will take time and patience, but he can be taught to play gently and respectfully with the female and other cats.

If a female is rough with the male it is unacceptable. It is like playing "rough" with the male cat. It is not a good way to treat the males, but it is a natural and acceptable thing for the females to do.

It's normal for males to wrestle around, but I don't think females are supposed to. A "playful" male cat who wrestles with a female should be separated from the female for a few days to a couple of weeks. I do not think that it is necessary to punish the male by separating them, but we do need to show our male cats that it is unacceptable for them to be rough and dominant with other cats.

This is not a problem that all male cats share, or only male cats. I think the behavior is normal, but I don't find it to be something that is acceptable or that it should be encouraged. There are some cat behaviors that I find to be bad, such as spitting and hissing. I would find it to be unacceptable and unacceptable to encourage this behavior, but a female cat being rough with a male is not one of those things.

What makes you say it is normal? I have been trying to tell a friend about my male cat's behavior for years, and finally she told me about it. Now I know I have a problem. I have never seen it happen before. She thinks it's odd, and wants me to find a way to stop it. I'm a bit afrd I can't stop it, and I'm afrd of the consequences. Is it something that should be stopped, and if so, how? My cat has a very high sex drive, and when he plays rough with a female, he gets so close she can feel it. It's uncomfortable, and it makes the cat feel he has done something wrong. My friend and I are very much in love and have been together for a long time, and she doesn't

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