Paraguay: Animal rights activists free hundreds of parrots

A success for animal welfare: In Paraguay, hundreds of parrots, including many young animals, were released from the claws of greedy animal traders who were imprisoned in a national park for illegal trade shortly before Christmas.

Parrots are popular pets not only because they have the fascinating ability to patter sounds and even whole words and sentences. Their exotic appearance, which combines all possible colors, as well as their proud, upright posture and their strong beaks make the birds particularly popular.

On the illegal animal market, animal traders get very high prices for the pretty and intelligent "Blue-fronted Amazons" (blue-fronted Amazon): the birds on the black market are worth up to around 1,500 euros. An illegal dealer ring has now been hit in Paraguay: several hundred parrots have been saved from its catch. They are in poor health and lose their feathers. Many of the birds are believed to have been robbed straight from their nests. All the more important that the criminal machinations could be stopped for the time being. First, animal rights activists want to pep up the animals and then release them again.

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