Animal crematorium: Let the deceased cat cremated

Animal crematorium: Let the deceased cat cremated

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In an animal crematorium you have the opportunity to have your deceased cat cremated. In contrast to the burial of people, you can then take the ashes of your velvet paw home with you. Cremation is an alternative to the often unworthy rendering of animal carcasses - and cheaper compared to burial if no garden is available. Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak

Let the cat cremate: A worthy burial

For many, cats take the position of a friend or even a family member. If the beloved parlor tiger dies, it should also receive a correspondingly dignified burial and not be burned in an animal treatment facility with numerous other animals. Those who do not have their own garden and who find burying an earth in an animal cemetery too expensive have the option of having their cat cremated.

Animal crematoriums offer different versions of this burial. While there is often communal cremation for small animals under a kilo, it is common for larger animals such as cats to cremate them individually. Just like when a person is buried, a numbered fireclay stone guarantees that you will really take the ashes of your beloved cat home with you afterwards. Whether you keep them in an urn on the shelf or scatter them outside is entirely up to you.

Animal crematorium: What the funeral costs

If you want your beloved cuddly tiger to be cremated in an animal crematorium after its death, you have to expect around 350 euros depending on the size. If you then want to have the urn buried with the ashes, you will have to pay additional costs of around 250 euros if your deceased velvet paw is to be buried for several years. If you want it to be exclusive, you can not only cremate your cat, but also have a diamond made from its remains. For about 3,000 euros, the sparkle of the eyes lives on in a gemstone with 0.2 carats.

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