The most popular dog breeds in Germany

The most popular dog breeds in Germany

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After cats, dogs are among the most common pets among German animal lovers. But which is actually the most popular dog breed in Germany? Amazingly, there is a group of four-legged friends at the top, which is actually not a breed at all. German Shepherd Dog: Faithful and lovable - Image: Shutterstock / Robert Wroblewski

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When walking the park, the "who's who" of the dog breeds meets. In the bustle of four-legged friends, some breeds are less common, others more often. The database of the animal protection organization Tasso e.V.

In first place among the most popular dog breeds: none

The top 5 of the most popular dog breeds in Germany are led by the half-breeds. Although this is not an independent breed, the mixed breeds with almost 400,000 dogs are particularly welcome four-legged friends in Germany. This means that there are more than twice as many animals as the dog breed in second place. The good-natured Labrador Retriever ranks there, followed by the popular family dog, the Golden Retriever. Despite its name, the German Shepherd only made fourth place among the most popular dog breeds in Germany - perhaps it is because some people mistakenly perceive the loyal four-legged friend, who is often on duty for the police, as only aggressive. The top 5 most popular dog breeds in Germany are completed by the Jack Russel Terrier. The lively four-legged friend has conquered many hearts of dog lovers with his lively nature. Dogs like the German Bracke, which are more intended for hunting, unfortunately do not end up among the top dog breeds.

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