Big cat litter box

Big cat litter box

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Big cat litter box. You’re kidding, right?

I’ve mentioned before that I’m more of a cat person than a dog person. I really like the idea of spending time with a furry friend who loves you and loves to cuddle.

That’s why it is so difficult to get into buying a dog. Or I should say it used to be. Because now there is a dog-friendly cat litter that will make any home-owning cat lover’s life easier.

In fact, it has gotten so good, that I have my own cat-litter box.

Meet Catnip.

I first saw Catnip when a friend gave it to me as a gift. They said they got it for her cat since they loved how playful it was. I thought it was cute, but since we are cat lovers already, why would we need another cat?

This cat box was so small and not very attractive. But Catnip and I are two out of three of us cat people that don’t care.

It just worked. My cat liked it. And to me it was just another box. We had boxes for kitty litter, food, toys, and litter box. So Catnip is just another box. I really didn’t like it that much. It was small and didn’t really have room to do its job right.

But, as I said, Catnip and I are two out of three of us cat lovers that don’t care about all that.

I found that if I did this….

…we both enjoyed using it more. Catnip is a real diva. My cat loves being outside, so the box doesn’t go out with her. But when she does use it, I found that she enjoys using it much more than she would use a traditional litter box. So I figured that maybe this would make a better cat box.

For those of you that don’t know, there are a few kinds of cats.

There are people cats. They don’t like to do anything but lay around and be lazy. Cats that are like this are mostly house cats.

Then there are people cats, who like to get out of the house to play. These are the outdoor cats that like to be outside and chase things.

And then there are adventurous cats. They are like this little ball of energy.

(A photo credit on the right is for that ball of energy.)

For all of us, though, we like to do a little “pounce and jump”.

So I figured if I put some catnip in this box, that I could pounce and jump while using the box.

It worked. It worked very well.

Catnip is actually a cat food supplement. It’s supposed to help cats with anxiety. I’ve heard that it’s effective. This is because cats do not produce endorphins or the other cat medicine. (Some cats make the chemicals but not enough to get it to work. And that’s the point, it needs to work.)

The only problem that I had was that the cats would use the box but they would also poop in the box and that was no good. So I ended up using the catnip box for all of the indoor cats except for one cat that kept using the box. She had to be kept inside.

So the boxes don’t cost that much and you can save money by not having to buy litter and litter trays for the cats. And for the dogs, you can just give them the boxes as gifts.

I don’t know about your cats but the one I have now always likes boxes. And sometimes she likes to play in them, too. The other cats don’t like the boxes, but the dogs and one cat like to play in them.

This is a box that a vet gave me as a gag gift, but it’s kind of like a hamster ball. It’s for the hamsters. You just put the hamster in it and they bounce around and the catnip is also in there.

It’s a good way to spend a little time with a hamster and let them bounce around. But the cats won’t like it, so they’ll go into their box and get the catnip while the hamster bounces around.

This is one of the catnip boxes I used. The top of it just clips on. It would be nice if it had a latch. But you just have to make sure that you have the catnip in the box and then just close it.

This is the link for the catnip hamster ball. The first page has all of the kinds of catnip and other things you can buy.

There is also a way to make a catnip play ball. It’s called catnip balls. But I don’t think they have that kind of ball on Amazon.

All of these catnip toys are fun for the cats. And there are lots of other toys on Amazon for the cats.

This is a great one. You can find the balls all over on Amazon.

This is for the ducks or geese. You just put the ball in there. And you get the catnip too. The ducks don’t like the catnip, but the cat likes it.

This catnip ball is for the ducks. It also has a catnip collar on it.

And there are lots of catnip balls on Amazon. You just use a regular ball. Then you tie a string to the ball. Then you put the catnip on the string. Then you put the ball in the hole in the string.

And the catnip ball is just as fun to play with for the cat.

In my opinion, the best thing to buy for the cat is the catnip toy. If you find out that the cat doesn’t like the one you got. Go find a different one. I have found some really good ones.

But the cat loves the catnip balls. The cat loves them and plays with them a lot.

And you just have to keep buying them.

And you can put them on the bottom of the catnip box.

You can also put them in the catnip hamster ball.

And I guess you could even use them as a mouse trap. You could have them hanging from a string.


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