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Cutting dog's claws: which tools should I use?

Cutting dog's claws: which tools should I use?

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Cutting dog's claws yourself requires a bit of practice and the right tools. Before you can start, the best way to show the technique to your dog owner is by your veterinarian or in a dog salon. Important for claw cutting at home: The right tool - Image: Shutterstock / Imfoto

If you want to cut your dog's claws at home, you should never attempt an experiment with nail scissors or other household items. The risk of injuring the animal is too great. It is better to get a special tool such as claw scissors from pet stores or online, e.g. at Amazon. Claw scissors are sharp tools that are adapted to the dog's claw shape thanks to their curved, rounded shape. With them it is possible to treat the sensitive dog paw with caution and to shorten the claw with a clean cut.

Here are a few examples of commercially available tools:

Claw scissors De Luxe
The "claw scissors De Luxe" is equipped with a special safety device in the form of a protective cap, which prevents the dog owner from accidentally shortening too much of the animal's claw. Since the size of the claw scissors should match the size of the dog, this variant is available in sizes 12 or 16 cm, for example.

Nail scissors, nail clipper, dog, cat, rodents, small animals
To prevent the hand from slipping when cutting the claws, claw scissors are usually provided with a rubberized handle, as can be seen with the "nail scissors, claw pliers, dog, cat, rodent, small animals".

2-TECH premium claw scissors with file soft grip
The 2-TECH Premium claw scissors are particularly suitable for large and strong dog claws thanks to their stably processed, powerful pliers. The specially made soft grip of the claw pliers is intended to ensure a stable hold, while the integrated file makes work easier.

FURminator claw pliers for dogs
Claw pliers such as the "" FURminator claw pliers "offer protection against germs and bacteria thanks to their antimicrobial plastic. A special adjustment device should help with clean and efficient claw cutting.

Trixie 6285 claw scissors
With a size of 8 cm, the "Trixie 6285" claw scissors are particularly suitable for owners of small dogs. It also fits in every pocket with a weight of just 9 grams.

Easter claw pliers premium
The "Oster" brand includes detailed instructions for their "Claw Pliers Premium", making it easier for the user to gently and carefully cut the claws.

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