Bernie sanders holding cat

Bernie sanders holding cat

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Bernie sanders holding cataract surgery

The new medical center is being built with funds from donations. Sanders is now a member of the advisory board for the center. It has a long waiting list, with more than 60 patients on the list to be seen this year.

Sanders is also the only Democratic presidential candidate to endorse the measure to require insurance companies to pay for the treatment.

She told us her goal is to end the stigma that comes with cataracts by making it acceptable for people to get treatment. She said the campaign raised more than $500,000 through a national fund-raising program, allowing the organization to set up the first cataract center in the state. The $40,000 annual cost of the center's operation is covered by donations from the public and foundations.

Sanders said her campaign also raised enough money to train 15 people to do the surgery. Her message to those who have trouble seeing is clear: "You can do it. Get it done."

The surgery can cost more than $3,000. But Sanders said people should not have to wait for their insurance to pay for it.

"That has to end," she said.

Sanders is not the only Vermont senator seeking the nomination. She faces Vermont Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley in the primary.

She said the fact that she has the most votes in the polls so far does not mean she is a favorite.

"No matter what the polls say at this point, it doesn't matter who wins. The only person that matters is Bernie Sanders and the voters of the United States," she said.

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