Baby cat playing: cute, sweeter, Dr. Meemersworth!

Baby cat playing: cute, sweeter, Dr. Meemersworth!

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Dr. Meemersworth is a tiny Scottish folding cat and doesn't seem to obey any laws when it comes to how cute a kitten can be. In this video he plays with the handle of Herrchen's camera.

Fluffy, clumsy and highly motivated, the little gray-white tomcat takes up the fight with his new toy.

As a spectator, you don't even know where to look first: at his miniature paws stretched out in the air, at the large round cat's eyes or at the floppy eyes.

One thing is certain: everyone should have a little Dr. Have Meemersworth at home! Perhaps a cute cuddly toy based on its model would be a good tip for the toy industry?

A kitten is growing up: Dr. Meemersworth's cutest pictures

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