Tom Bert shows his favorite game

Tom Bert shows his favorite game

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If you want to please the clever tomcat Bert, all you need is a table and a few cat snacks - what happens if he then drapes the treats on the table is pretty funny:

If it were up to the playful, red tomcat Bert, this game could go on like this all day. And even if his enthusiasm is not so easy to beat: Most cats love games that incorporate the hunt for snacks just like him.

If you let your cat work out the treats, you not only ensure double fun, but also that the velvet paw stays fit and agile and does not get bored so quickly. And if you're lucky, you might even be able to make a funny video like the owners of tomcat Bert.

Treats for cats: integrate snacks into the game

Treats make cats fat? Not if they have healthy ingredients and encourage them to play ...


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