Castle rock dog park

Castle rock dog park

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I have a question about the new Castle Rock Dog Park.

Since there are so many dogs, why doesn't the park have enough fenced kennels, and maybe even an indoor area for the dogs to stay.

That seems to be the problem with most parks I've been to, there are too many dogs and not enough kennels. The dogs are usually just running around in a big area, which they do fine doing, but you could have kennels inside that where the dogs could just hang out, and be protected from the wind.

It sounds like a big hassle having a dog park that takes half a day to be able to visit, but when I've been to the new park at Castle Rock, it's hard to get in.

I would love to be able to visit the new Castle Rock Dog Park when it opens next year, but can't afford to spend a day off from work to go.

My dog is still young and I don't want to wait until he gets bigger before I take him to a park for the first time.

I've also wondered if the cost to take the dogs in there are a big issue too.

Anyone have experience taking their dog to the new park? If it's too difficult, maybe it's not such a good idea?

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When we had a large dog park near us we had a lot of issues. We had at least 50-60 dogs during the week when we were there. And we were lucky to have that at our park because for the most part it's a busy suburban park. But, we had issues with dogs barking at other dogs, being aggressive and getting out of control. In the end we had to leave that particular park and find another with less people in it.

We now have a small dog park but it's a little too small. We have about 20-30 dogs there in the summer and we have to use the leash to keep them contained. Sometimes people take their dogs and we had some problems too. But the few times we had an issue we always made sure the people who were acting up were sent home. Most everyone has been great about it though.

It's a small park but we didn't even know it was there until a week or so before it opened. It's small because it's just the two entrances to the park and the park is very long. If you want to get in the park there are two ways. One is to take a left to go in but there's a fence that you have to go through to get in. Once you get past that you have to turn left again to go to the dog park. We ended up getting lost and trying to figure out which way we needed to go.

I actually know someone who volunteers at the new dog park and I asked her if she's been there. She said she wasn't aware that there was a dog park there. She also said that it has only been open for about a week now.

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There is an off-leash park right at the top of the parking lot at Tidelands Park. We go there and play off-leash for hours. The dogs like to chase squirrels in the park and chase each other in the park. It's a great place for the dogs. There are little kids that go there and the owners are always friendly. It's close to the pool and a lot of the parks' amenities.

We live in a condo. I don't have any control over my dogs being let off-leash. I've lived here since July, 2016. My previous roommate let all the dogs off-leash in the front of the condo. I found out when I moved in. All my dogs have had problems with a neighbor that lives in the condo complex. He's also an off-leash advocate. This particular neighbor's dogs bark and bark and bark. Sometimes, they start fights. They're all mixed breeds. Sometimes the fights result in the dogs bitinh each other. When the neighbors dogs get upset and start fighting, I call the police. They tell me they'll send someone out. They never send anyone. This last time I called the police, I was told the police doesn't handle dog issues. It has to be a code 7. When I called code 7, no one ever came out. We eventually had to call the code 7 one time and it resulted in 2-3 officers showing up. We had to tell the dogs to stop and they had to stay where they were until the police showed up. The police told me the neighbor was an off-leash advocate and he was trying to change the laws to no one having to walk their dogs on a leash. In July of this year, my neighbor started getting upset with me because I called the police. I called them so many times. I found out he got a new dog. He told me this dog was vicious. His older dog was the one barking and biting. This dog would bite our dog's nose. My dog got so scared of this dog that it was hiding from it when I was home. I found out my neighbor didn't have a leash for this dog and was walking him on a chain. This dog was not aggressive to my dog, but to other dogs. It wouldn't leave my dog alone. This dog was not going to be fixed. The neighbors dog started getting aggressive to my dog. He started barking and growling at my dog. I've had this dog since it was a puppy. I've taken it everywhere I've gone and I've paid a lot of money for it. It's been in my house, it's been in my car. It's been in several people's houses. The dog was going nuts. When I called the police, they told me I should go buy a mace or a gun. If you don't want a dog in your neighborhood, don't have a dog. We are going to the humane society tomorrow to have them remove the dog.

"We've had the neighbors' dog since it was a puppy. We've trained it. We've had it every time we've lived here. The neighbor was the one that was giving the dog a bad name. It didn't get on my property. I never had a problem with it. They made a lot of accusations. The police came in and told us to get rid of our dog. We had to have it quarantined. When we told the neighbor it was a German Shepherd, he said it was a Pit Bull. My dog is an old German Shepherd. My neighbors' dog is a Pit Bull. I have had that dog since it was a puppy. The neighbor got the dog from me. She said that she got it from someone that had a dog she didn't like. That dog is my best friend. That's why I wanted to ask you, because I just can't believe how people don't stand for their dogs. You know, I've been around dogs all my life and I have learned how to deal with them. They are my best friend. My dog has been with me from the time it was a puppy. We've had our troubles. When the dog got older and older, it didn't get on people as much. It started getting on their property. The police finally told me I had to have that dog put down. I told them I couldn't do that because that dog had been with me since it was a puppy. I have a very good relationship with that dog. You people need to be more educated. They need to stand up

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