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Kidz n cats dolls

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Kidz n cats dolls were very popular in the late 1990s and were one of the first ever mass produced plush toys from Europe. These soft rubber toys, designed by a small Dutch company named Goudas, were created in the early 1990s and were first produced in 1994.

The dolls were named after various children from the United Kingdom's children's television show called The Kidz. The dolls originally had a number of features based on the original cast of the show, such as the main character called Jack, but since then have been released featuring different children and characters from the show, including a new cast of characters, such as a new series of dolls called The Wiggles and the current cast, called The Bionic Crew.


Goudas and The Kidz

The company behind the Kidz n Cats, Goudas, was a small design company who made small children's furniture for years before entering the plastic industry.

The first Kidz n Cats doll was a 12 inch version of Jack the Ripper released in 1994. Jack was originally based on an older doll, but the doll company wanted a new character with a more realistic face to replace the older Jack. The Kidz n Cats line was not the first plastic doll series produced by Goudas, but it was the first series of doll to actually use real soft rubber, unlike the majority of previous doll series that used more cheap plastics.

The dolls were released with an accompanying book called Kidz n Cats Tales written by the actress who played the character Jack. Each doll was released with a story which had various pictures in it. Goudas even developed a special interactive game called The Kidz n Cats Interactive Book which was released with the doll at the same time.

The original cast of the Kidz n Cats doll series was based on a character from a UK children's TV show called The Kidz. Jack was the main character and was described as the coolest of the whole cast. He had a green coat, matching top hat and green shades. The Kidz n Cats series was not the only product to be released using Goudas name, but Jack was the most successful.

The original Jack dolls were sold by Ideal and had the tag line "he'll knock 'em dead". This was because Goudas was the owner of Ideal and wanted to get a larger market share. The Jack dolls were sold in the same way as all the other children's toys.

The brand was sold in the UK by Ideal's sister company, Kidzworld. After Ideal's buy out of Kidzworld the label was then bought by another Ideal subsidiary called Ideal Dolls. In France, the company was taken over by the French group, Playmobil.

In 2001, a new line called "Bazooka Joe" was released as well as a line called "Jack's Friends" where four friends could be built up and then placed in each other's arms or onto one of their heads. The Bazooka Joe dolls were similar to the Jack dolls, except they were not as big as the Jack dolls. The Bazooka Joe dolls were sold in the same way as the original Jack dolls and were also sold in the UK by Ideal's sister company, Kidzworld.

In 2001 the series was discontinued and no new dolls were released. A range of action figures was released which came with the Jack and Bazooka Joe doll. These figures were not sold in the UK by Ideal's sister company, Kidzworld. The Jack and Bazooka Joe dolls were given a new make over in 2006.

The Jack, Bazooka Joe and Friends action figures were re released in 2005 and named "Jack 2.0". The dolls were re released in 2006 and were given a new head sculpt.


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