Any dog can be a guide dog mug

Any dog can be a guide dog mug

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Any dog can be a guide dog mugger." "No, you're all wrong." "It's one of the best parts of being a guide dog." "You've really become a dog." "Yeah." "This is great." "I don't have to do this." "No, no, no, no, no, no." "I'm doing this all by myself." "I can just relax." "I can just enjoy it." "All right." "So, what is this guy's problem?" "Yeah, it's interesting." "I think he was the manager at the mall." "And now he just sits around all day." "You know, I think he's kind of sad." "I'll tell you something, kid." "If you want to be a comedian, this is the only city in the world for you." "I have a house full of people all the time." "And, you know, I think that they all secretly want to be somebody." "And when I walk in the room, they all just kind of go," ""Who's that guy?" "I don't know." "I've never met that guy before."" "But they've seen a picture of that guy somewhere before." "But that guy is me." "Yeah." "And they're thinking to themselves, "What a weird-looking guy." "I've never met a weird-looking guy before." "What's he up to?" "Is he going to play with us?"" "And then they all sit there." "And I'm sitting there." "And I'm just so uncomfortable because I don't know what to do, 'cause I have nothing to do." "And they don't have anything to do, either." "So what do I do?" "I don't know." "I tell them stuff about myself, stuff that I think they're going to like." "What I did for a living, 'cause I'm proud of it." "Or I just talk about stuff that's going on in my life." "That's good." "Tell them what's going on in your life." "Yeah." "I can do that, too." "Well, I don't think you can tell them stuff like that." "It's too personal." "You can tell them stuff." "I told them that I got divorced, and I didn't like it, and I've got a son that's a jerk." "But..." "That's not the reason why I got divorced." "The real reason why I got divorced, though, is because I didn't want to be with that other guy." "And it took me two years before I got divorced." "And when I first met him, I was going to marry him." "I was so excited to be married to this guy." "And I wanted to buy my kid's school lunch every single day." "And then I realized how dumb that is." "And I was like, "Wt a minute." "I'm going to be giving my kid's lunch money to the other guy every single day."" "And I didn't even want to do that." "So then I thought, "Well, maybe this is a good thing." ""I think I'll take back my lunch money for a while."" "I'm giving my kid's lunch money to the other guy now." "I mean, what can I say?" "I'm just going to take my money back and take him back." "So it's all good." "No, no." "It's like..." "It's a bad thing." "It's a bad thing." "It's like giving somebody's mommy or daddy money every day." "I mean, that's..." "And you're giving it to someone else?" "Yes." "That's weird." "It's weird." "So this guy was the manager at the mall?" "Yeah, he was." "And now he's the manager of the pet store." "But he wants to be a manager of a big store, the Apple store, you know." "And I told him, you know, "This is not the right career." ""There's a lot more to managing than what you're doing now." ""You're not getting it done, you know." ""You're not doing what it takes to make it happen."" "You know, you've got to put in a lot of hours." "You've got to be in the store all the time." "And you've got to take a lot of orders and, you know, make sure that everything's going good." "That's just what it takes." "So he doesn't want to do that anymore, so now he's managing this pet store." "You know, it was just, like, "How long can he do this?"" "Yeah." "No, that's when he got into it with the guy at the mall." "And the guy says, "Well, this is how it's going to be."" "I think he was kind of like," ""I got to be in my store every day." "There's got to be a lot of activity." ""I need more sales."" "And he didn't want to do that." "That's when they had the fight." "So then I started to think of this, like, "What's happening here?" ""Where is this guy's dream?" ""Who is this guy's dream?" ""Who is this guy's dream?" ""I'm thinking he's got something more than what he's doing now."" "But he doesn't." "He doesn't have something else." "He's just kind of like a manager of the pet store." "And I feel like he's kind of stuck there." "He just keeps making excuses why he's there." "But, you know, what the hell." "You know?" "This is the first day." "The first day you're working." "So I'm sure he'll figure it out." "Yeah." "Yeah." "What are you going to do?" "I was thinking about, you know, talking to him a little bit." "I thought, you know," "I'd start to be like his manager." "

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