Cat's pajamas palette review

Cat's pajamas palette review

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Cat's pajamas palette review

Monday, February 11, 2015

Cat's pajamas Palette, reviewed

Cat's pajamas is a new brand for me, but I love their colouring palettes. I got a lot of new products from them, because I'm a fan.

For me their palettes are the best because:

The palettes are so easy to use -

they have a sponge top for application.

the palette is sturdy and will last a long time.

It has a built in brush and also a small flat brush.

I like to apply my eyeliner and my eye shadow with the built in brush.

I also like to apply my concealer and foundation with the small brush.

I think it's great that you can blend out and it's not too chunky.

The colour selection is amazing.

I use a lot of these colours to create my look:

I have used Cat's pajamas palettes on all kinds of skin tones,

because I love their colour selection.

I know that the colors I'm using are not everyone's thing, but I think they're very pretty.

And I would definitely buy them agn, if I had any left!

So I've just been experimenting with their colouring palettes.

I hope you like these pictures and the palette reviews.

I also have some product reviews for you.

Here are my thoughts and ideas of the palette and the products.

Cat's pajamas Palette

Colour selection:

This palette has 16 colours, with a mix of matte and shimmer shades.

I don't think there's any one color you'll need.

If you have a good eye for color and have the colors in your head then you'll find something that suits you.

I know that I can find a matte color that I like in the palette but I don't find the same with the shimmer shades.

I think this palette would be great for a beginner or a lover of shimmer colors, who wants to experiment with colors and play around with it.

Colour coverage:

As I sd, this palette has matte and shimmer colors.

I find it has a medium to full coverage.

It's the medium coverage that suits me best.

I don't have a problem with over-coverage if I use it with the right brushes.

The color selection is just gorgeous.

It has a good mix of matte and shimmer shades.

The shimmer colors give a beautiful glow to the eyes.

They are easy to blend.

I think they're easy to blend with other colors.

You can easily blend the colors to get a nice smooth line, if you want.

It gives a really nice finish.

If you have a problem with color selection, I don't think this palette will be a good one for you.

I think this palette has a great range of colors.

For example:

I have a really bad red under-eye.

Cat's pajamas has a good matte red that will suit my skin tone.

The shimmer red also has a good tone for my skin tone.

It gives the color the depth that it needs to cover my problem.

The matte orange is a warm color.

It suits my skin tone really well.

I think the palette is perfect for someone with a dark skin tone, who wants to experiment with warm colors,

because there's a red in the palette and a warm orange.

I think it would be good to have a red and orange mix to create a nice warm look.

The yellow is a cool color, but still has a beautiful warm tone.

If you have a problem with colors, I think this palette would be a good starting point.

It's perfect for someone with a light skin tone, who doesn't want to spend a lot of time looking for the right color.

You just have to have a good eye for color.

The mattes and shimmers give the color a really nice finish.

I think this palette gives me the most coverage,

because the colors are so beautiful.

If you want the most coverage, this is the palette to get.

The color selection is great and so beautiful.

The palette has a great range of colors.

It will suit a wide range of skin tones.

The mattes and shimmers give a really nice finish.

The color selection and finishes of the palette are great.

I think they are good quality.

I don't think you need a ton of money to get this palette.

I like the color selection.

I think it's perfect for someone who has a bad under-eye problem.

It will give a great color selection for someone who wants to experiment with color.

Cat's pajamas palette brush

The brush is built in in the palette.

It's a great size brush,

so you don't need to buy a big brush for it.

I think it's a great brush to use for foundation, concealer and eyeshadow.

It gives a nice amount of coverage.

It's small enough to be very useful.

It's perfect for the eyes,

because you can blend out the colors.

You can also use it for blending out a face.

I love the size of it.

I think it's good for blending out colors and giving a nice finish.

Cat's pajamas eye brush

This is also a built in brush.

It's small and not too chunky.

It gives a nice finish,

when you blend out the colors.

It's perfect for blending out colors, especially a dark color,

for example the red and orange.

I love the way it looks.


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