Non spill water bowl for dog crate

Non spill water bowl for dog crate

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Non spill water bowl for dog crate

My current crate is a 5.5 year old. It is one of those cheapie plastic crates. The dog is on a high counter height, and the dog goes directly into the crate. It has very little height or depth.

I am looking to replace the current crate with a better crate with a height/depth and more room for toys and treats. I would like to use something that doesn't contain chemicals like the plastic version, and is a higher quality item that won't be easy to scratch.

I am currently looking at the K9Kitty "Eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe &, chemical free" line. I'm hoping to get away from some of the flammability and other problems with plastics, and I've seen some good reviews on it. I plan on trying to make it myself if possible.

The cheapest I can find is the 575 ($90/crate). The smallest I've seen is $200 for the 12L crate, and the largest I've seen is the 28L (I have no idea how much that is).

So, I am looking for the cheapest crate that I can find with:

* no fillers (plastic, glass, etc.)

* no petroleum based chemicals

* high quality

* is a safe, non-toxic, and non-hazardous crate

* low to no odor

* should be easy to put together (I plan on making this myself)

* easy to clean

* easy to move around (It has to move easily and not weigh a ton)

* not break easily

* safe for dogs

* has a latch for dogs that don't like to be locked in (it needs to be easy for dogs that hate to be shut in)

* should be able to hold all of my dogs toys and treats (4/5)

Does any of these look like they would be a safe, reasonable choice? How much do they cost?

I am looking for something inexpensive as I am only getting 4-5x a week of dog treats. I usually get 5 pounds a day. I use a 2-3 pound variety.

Does this seem like a good option, or am I going to have to look elsewhere for the price? I plan on making this myself and just trying to find something that is durable and reasonably easy to make. I like the look of the crates on the links provided.

Thanks for any advice.

PS. I've seen crated in the past made of wood and steel. I just don't know what kind of wood they use (oak, pine, etc.). I am not planning on buying metal crated for the same reason I am not going to buy plastic because it seems like it is a bad choice.

I don't know how many of these the site listed are going to sell but I have been researching them and most are around $6-7 per crate. Here's a few links you can check out:

I made the mistake of using a cheap box to start with and it was a terrible choice, the box has to be of adequate quality and then the quality of the crate, that's a big difference. Some of the crates you see around look like they would be OK for cheap but I went with a solid wood crate from Crate-and-Barrel which is made of oak. They are $30 each shipped so I paid $10 more but this is a quality piece. It came with all the hardware you see in the pictures and it looks good and was built well.

A solid oak crate from Crate and Barrel is a good way to go. I like the look of all of them, but if you want to get one yourself, buy some oak plank from your local home center and get some screws to put it together. It won't take much time or money. There is an "official" link above that will give you more info.

You don't need any special tools to build it, just drill holes and screw things together. But it does take a bit of skill and time, so I'd recommend building it with someone who knows what they are doing. My brother and I built it last week, and in all it took us about 4 hours.

_Kitty Purry and the Bay City Rollers

Tue Dec 19, 2012 8:31 pm



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Re: Crate


Tue Dec 19, 2012 9:31 pm


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Re: Crate

Thanks for all the replies! I haven't bought one yet, but I'll definately check out the links and research some more. I agree that I want something cheap, because I am getting the kitty crate that they used to ship cats to Hawaii. It's basically made of corrugated fiberboard, has wire on the sides to hold the food, and is just a glorified grocery cart.

I really liked the idea of using something with an actual bottom and no wire sides, so you can't knock the food over and have it fall out, or anything like that.

But I don't think I'll have time to build one.

Tue Dec 19, 2012 10:00 pm


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Re: Crate

GrizGeez wrote:

But I don't think I'll have time to build one.

I hope that you haven't read the other thread yet. You may want to have a look. I think that we may have the solution for you.

"A few years ago, I saw something on a web site for pets that I couldn't get over.

It was a crate designed for dogs. With wire on the sides, but nothing on the bottom. It was basically a wire basket that you could put food, water, and treats in. If a dog tipped over, it couldn't spill out.

You may not be able to build your own, but someone may have made one that you could buy. "


Tue Dec 19, 2012 10:06 pm


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Re: Crate

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