Working dogs for sale

Working dogs for sale

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Working dogs for sale in UK

We live and work at the cutting edge of the dog, horse and livestock industry. As a multi-dimensional company we provide services in all aspects of livestock management. Our unique business concept caters to the specific needs of owners and farmers and includes a bespoke breeding programme to produce proven offspring, a fully developed trning programme with all manner of handling ds and other products and accessories, a full feed mill and nutrition business, a mobile feed mill operation, and a complete stock and feed management system. To further increase productivity of our existing and new clients, the company is now taking on the challenge of supplying and trning dogs to assist in some of the most challenging of farming work.

The company currently employs three full time, working dogs, and is looking to add a fourth dog to the team.

As a working team, each of the dogs will perform a specific role. The roles being undertaken are:-


The team will be used to collect, retrieve, drag or assist the rider to get the animals to their intended location. The animal will be collected from a gate or fence, the animals will then be walked to the collection point, where they will be held until the owner or rider comes back to collect the animals.


The purpose of these dogs is to assist the rider/owner to move the farm animals to their intended location, and to carry the load as much as possible. This will generally mean that the dogs will be used to collect and drag the animals, by walking along side the animal for periods of time, and by using a long line or harness, to move and pull the animal towards its destination. The harnesses are to provide maximum comfort and support for the animals.


Pouch-work requires a harness to be used, and as a team the animals will be collected and then brought to the working areas. We will use a low cost harness that is easily repred and replaced, while being functional.

We have had a great deal of success trning large working dogs to perform pouchwork, with the work required being minimal. If you are a farmer looking for a working team of working dogs, with minimal trning, that have a desire to work, please get in touch.

We can trn two working teams of Working Pouch dogs per month. Any more then that will cost extra, please get in touch.

The following video contns working pouch dogs. They were trned by us. They are large, powerful dogs that require a harness and a handler to be functional and effective.

Watch the video: Working Dogs. National Geographic (July 2022).


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