Cat does not go to the litter box: is it due to the litter?

Cat does not go to the litter box: is it due to the litter?

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If the cat suddenly stops going to the litter box, there can be a variety of reasons - for example, wrong cat litter. How you can tell why it is and what you can do about it can be read here. Cat litter in the test: Every cat has its own preferences - Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

If your cat suddenly stops using the litter box but prefers places that are in the immediate vicinity or even right next to it, it could be because she has a problem with the toilet or the cat litter. But don't worry, you have not done anything wrong: each cat decides which cat litter is the right one for a room tiger and which is the wrong one.

Cats are picky, even when it comes to cat litter

Every cat owner knows that cats are a bit idiosyncratic - what they don't like, they just don't like it and don't make any compromises. So it can also happen that our house tigers do not like something about the cat litter. Be it the feeling under the sensitive feet of a cat or the smell - it is not always understandable for us humans.

The depth of the litter can also be a reason that cats spurn their litter box. If the layer of cat litter is too flat, the cat will not be able to scratch around enough, and the urine may seep onto the floor and possibly form a layer on the floor of the litter box that our clean cats do not like.

Cat does not go to the litter box: what to do?

To get your cat used to the litter box again, it's time to try it out. There are mineral, vegetable, clumping and non-clumping types of litter: It is best to try a variety that has a completely different consistency than your normal cat litter. For anxious cats, it often helps to try a soft natural litter that does not rustle so loudly when pawing, because many terrible velvet paws don't like it.

Help from nature: Treat cats with Bach flowers

Bach flowers for cats are alternative remedies that improve on a plant basis ...

If you have a lot of space, you can also set up two or three litter boxes with different types of litter for testing. Of course, cleanliness plays an important role for every variety - but you should experiment less with deodorants and odor sprays for the litter box. What smells good for people does not necessarily have to inspire our cats. It is also important that you consult your veterinarian. Diseases can also be the cause of sudden impurities.


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