My dog has fleas

My dog has fleas

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My dog has fleas, and the medicated shampoo I had been using for about two weeks has lost its effectiveness. So I'm looking for some natural alternatives. I'm particularly interested in natural anti-inflammatory remedies (like calendula), but I'd also like to try natural insecticides like cedar oil. Any advice?

The most effective remedies for fleas seem to be 1) finding out what the dog has fleas, then 2) finding a product with the same active ingredients as the medication. The products that do NOT have the same active ingredients are less effective. That's all I've ever heard.

What do you mean by not "effective"? Is it not effective for treating your dog's fleas? If so, which do you consider to be the most effective (by that, I mean which one is the one that works the best for your dog)?

The best natural solution (by far) for fleas is a natural insecticide (cedar oil, etc) and that works against the fleas themselves. Fleas are the only animal species on the planet (so far as I know) that have an oil gland. Fleas don't have the same oil gland, but they do have a waxy material on their outer cuticle. That waxy material is the insecticide. A natural insecticide, like Cedar oil, is the best way to go.

If you get a product that has cedar oil in it, it will probably work for your fleas. I don't think there is much difference in how it works than if you apply pure cedar oil directly to your dog's skin.

I am sure that a natural flea treatment is far more effective than a prescription flea treatment, because a natural insecticide kills the flea, as well as any eggs it lays on the animal's skin, whereas the prescription flea treatment only kills the adult fleas that are on the animal.

I use pure cedar oil as a part of my "flea prevention" program. If my dog is ever infested with fleas (and I think it is fairly common for dogs to be infested with fleas at some time in their life, even if their owners are vigilant about treating the animal for fleas), I apply a very small amount (1 or 2 teaspoons worth) to the dog's coat after it has been thoroughly combed out. The oil kills the fleas on the coat, as well as any eggs laid by the adult fleas that might be hiding under the dog's coat. This keeps the dog from becoming infested by fleas in the future.

I'm also trying the cedar oil and tea tree oil shampoo combination to see if that is any more effective. I've been using the natural shampoo in conjunction with a flea collar to make sure that the fleas are killed when the animal scratches. The fleas still have a way of getting back under the dog's skin even after it is regularly shampooed, but the combination of the shampoo and the oil helps, and I think that it also works to kill any eggs the fleas might lay in the dog's skin.

I use an all natural solution to get rid of fleas called Flea-Bloc. It's made by Nature's Answer which you can find in health food stores. You apply it with an applicator, like a q-tip, and then it can be applied with the fingers. It contains citronella oil, garlic oil, and lemon oil. It works very well. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't last long.

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