Homeopathy for cats: how does it work?

Velvet paws are very sensitive beings, so homeopathy is an increasingly popular healing method for cats. The principle of this natural healing method works similarly to that of humans. Homeopathy for cats is a holistic healing method - Image: Shutterstock / Kuznetsov Denis

The basic homeopathic idea is: "Something similar is healed with something similar". For homeopathy for cats, this means that a sick body is healed with a substance that would make a healthy body sick. However, the essences that are supposed to help your cat are extremely diluted in a special process - this process is called potentiation. A substance with a high potentiation has a stronger effect than one with a weaker one.

Naturopathic treatment: holistic approach

Homeopathic remedies in cats, like humans, can help with both physical and psychological problems. The difficulty lies in finding the right active ingredient and the right dosage. In order for the therapy to have an effect, you or the veterinary practitioner should always include your cat's mood. Otherwise, the funds could have a completely different effect.

It is also important to ask whether it is a short-term problem - such as an insect bite - or a chronic illness.

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Homeopathy for cats: ask veterinary practitioners

The different potencies can be administered in tablet, liquid or powder form. After the first intake, a reaction in the animal can usually be seen immediately. Homeopathy for cats promotes self-healing and therefore the velvet paw often only sleeps deeply after it has been given its remedy. The initial reaction can also be a small exacerbation - but it should only last for a very short time. It is best to consult a veterinary practitioner regularly to analyze your cat's reactions.