Dog started pooping in house

Dog started pooping in house

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Dog started pooping in house agn today. Not sure why as I thought she was using potty when out and about, but not in her kennel. When I picked up poop she was fine with it.

I took her out, she looked at me and did her business! No potty, no nothing! So I picked it up and made her poop in the garden. I cleaned it up with a paper towel and then filled with water to see if it was just a 1 time thing. Nope, still doing it. Not even at kennel. I gave her some water to drink. She drank a little and peed a little, and pooped agn! Yup! So I am still a little clueless here. She has been on a few new pills that all of a sudden got her into that mess. I just want her to enjoy the rest of her summer, and all I want to do is keep her happy and healthy! What should I do? How do I fix this? Thanks!

Hi, I have a 13.1 lb black and white kennel queen that has been doing this since she was weaned. It was very scary to me until I found a video on this site that helped me get it figured out.

1. I have her get in a crate in my bathroom and then crate her at night when I am doing chores. I do all my tasks first before allowing her in the bathroom, I know some people don't care for this.2. We live in Florida so we have a lot of sun. If I keep her in the house, we use shade so she can go out and use her bathroom. She also has a little towel in her crate that she can put on if it is a hot day.

3. You can keep her kennel clean in the morning before leaving for the day, so you do not have to clean it every time you get home. I use some newspaper to pick up the mess.

4. I put my hand under her bottom to keep her from strning when I lift her and carry her around the house. Also if you ever put her down on the ground or floor, she will go to the bathroom and will also stay there.5. To keep her happy I put a little kibble in the bowl before I put her back into the cage and just let her eat in the cage. If I am going to be away from home for more than a couple of hours, she is allowed to go out and use the bathroom.

Good luck! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Well, I am so happy to know that she likes to eat kibble. It will keep her happy for sure and will keep her from eating your carpet and getting into all sorts of trouble. (I wish it would work for me and keep me in the bathroom).


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Thank you, it is a good idea to bring her kibble with us, however sometimes when I am cleaning I will feed her on the floor if I am working on my bed. I usually don't get the whole kibble down because she is still chewing. I will try to keep the mess to a minimum, although I do not know if she can smell it anymore.

I am so happy to see that she likes kibble. I only give her dry food because she seems to eat wet food too easily (but that could be from boredom I am thinking). I used to have a dog I couldn't feed dry food. If she likes kibble maybe she will like it better?

Anyway, thank you agn for the feed-in-the-cage tip. Now that I know she will eat in the cage, I think I will try it agn. I will have to figure out if I will be able to keep it clean enough to be okay. Maybe I will use a bag for scooping up the kibble and will try putting it back in the cage without opening it. Maybe I will get an r freshener to add to the bag. I don't know if it would work, but I am willing to try. I'll let you know if it works. I may keep her in the cage one night and just let her eat in the cage. If she won't eat it, I will just give her her dinner and she will have to eat in the cage until I give her something else to eat.

She ate all day today so I know she is going to eat in the cage agn. I am hoping she doesn't hate it, but it is worth a try. I haven't fed her dry food for several days (I am working and have a lot going on so I am going a little on food here and there. I just haven't felt like giving her more than the wet food). So I will let you know if she eats in the cage. I'll be posting some pics soon.

My sister has her dog in her room (I think they call it kenneling) but she doesn't like to eat out of her bowl unless it is dirty. It is easier to clean it and then she can eat in her cage.

The same is true for any dog that you have. If they want to eat in their crates/cages, they have to know that there is a food reward for doing so, whether it is a meal of k

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