Are ferns poisonous to cats

Are ferns poisonous to cats

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Are ferns poisonous to cats?

Do cats have some sort of natural antipathy to ferns and need to have them removed in their house?


A cat's skin is covered with microscopic hairs called trichocytes. These hairs are used to sense temperature and moisture. Ferns, whether growing in houseplant pots or as potted houseplants, have sharp spines, especially in the center, that may hurt when they come into contact with cat's skin.

The amount of damage is not significant and may not be a serious concern for cats. The most common cause of this is if the plant's roots grow into the cat's bed, causing its head to bump against the plant. It may also be a concern if a cat accidentally falls on a plant that is growing up to its head and may hit the cat's head with the spines of the plant. A cat may also scratch the plant if the cat feels the spines come into contact with its skin. In some cats, this may cause discomfort for a period of time and the cat may scratch at the area until the discomfort goes away. This can also happen if a cat sits on a plant and feels something coming into contact with its skin.

There are remedies that can alleviate the problem and reduce the discomfort for your cat. Using an all natural cleaner (like baby shampoo) or a natural cleaner spray that is recommended for cats on the plant can prevent the cat from scratching at the area where the plant may have caused discomfort. It also does not hurt to have an extra layer of litter in the cat's bed to give the plant more space to grow. A plant with good air circulation will also help keep the houseplants from having moisture issues. If your cat uses a cat tree, it may also be a good idea to move the tree to a different room. Lastly, it may be a good idea to keep ferns out of the cats' bed. The only concern there would be if the ferns have sharp ends or thorns which would cause discomfort or injury for the cat.

We think that keeping cats in the house with a plant is a great idea, but a cat may not agree with a particular plant. If you have noticed that your cat does not enjoy a particular plant, you may need to get rid of it.

If your cat does not like a particular plant that is growing in the house, you can try:

Keeping the plant where your cat likes it the best

Planting a plant that is similar to the plant that your cat does not like

Doing an all around search for different plants that your cat likes

Moving the plant if the cat does not like it

If you have noticed that your cat does not like a particular plant, you may want to consider planting other plants in the house. We have also had good luck with creating homeopathic remedies from plants that your cat does not like. You can make remedies by soaking a few tablespoons of the plant material into hot water for about 15 minutes. Pour the liquid off and add more water. Continue this process until your cat does not seem to be affected.

Do you have any plants that you know your cat does not like? Let us know in the comments below.

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