Can dogs eat raw chicken feet

Can dogs eat raw chicken feet

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Can dogs eat raw chicken feet?

by Niki

(San Francisco, CA, USA)

My 7 yr old Lab has started getting gassy. She seems to like it. I think it might be from the chicken feet she eats for treats. I have tried giving her a raw chicken leg to see if that will calm her down.

She ate one and didn't seem to like it. I've given her chicken soup and kibble and nothing has helped. She seems to like the chicken feet the best. She is a very happy dog with them.

Answer by Kate

(Prairieville, TX)

If you want to try this for her gassy condition, you need to get a larger piece of chicken. I wouldn't start with a raw leg because the bones are very sharp and can cause injury to the mouth. It might be easier to cut a larger piece of the foot, and then just cook the chicken. I wouldn't advise trying this for a whole day, but maybe one foot a day until the gassy symptoms have gone.

Can you feed a raw chicken wing to your dog?

by Kate

(Prairieville, TX)

My Lab mix loves chicken wings. When she has the chance, she'll happily eat several at a time, just for the fun of it. I don't know if she knows how good she has it, since she doesn't have a clue as to what they are (although I think that's her favorite part).

Is there something I can feed her that will make her happy and give her the energy to get up and get outside? I know she loves treats, but I'm not sure what she would be able to handle.

She's a 7 yr old girl that weighs 70 lbs.

Answer by Tami

(Rice Lake, MN)

Dogs like chicken? My dog loves it as well. She enjoys the wings. I do feed raw chicken to her, and she eats it just like you would feed it to your dog.

Can you feed raw chicken bones to your dog?

by Kate

(Prairieville, TX)

I have a 2-3 year old Golden Retriever mix. I'm wondering if she can eat raw chicken bones. I've heard that raw bones are good for dogs. She is always eating and has a good appetite. She's a little on the small side at about 10 pounds.

I was wondering if I can feed her chicken bone broth or raw chicken bones that I grind up in my coffee grinder to give her energy and nutrients.

What type of dog food should I feed?

by Kayla

(Prairieville, TX)

My little dog is a Chihuahua/Chihuahua mix and has a sensitive stomach. I'm trying to find a dog food that is all natural and healthy. I know it says it has chicken in it, but I'm not sure if it's all organic chicken or regular chicken. I live in Central Texas and have to keep it warm, which the store doesn't have, so I have to buy it frozen.

Answer by Kate

(Prairieville, TX)

Most of the "natural" dog foods you find in your local store will have chicken in them. A dog food will have chicken in it, whether or not it's 100% organic chicken or not.

As for the rest, it all depends on your dog. The best thing to do is to look for a reputable store or ask your veterinarian about it.

Can dogs eat raw chicken?

by Jamie

(San Diego, CA, USA)

My 4 year old dog likes to eat chicken. However, if I give her cooked chicken, she gets gassy. Can I give her raw chicken, too?

Answer by Kate

(Prairieville, TX)

Your dog should absolutely be able to eat raw chicken as long as it is cooked before you give it to her. If she gets gassy, that's her body's way of telling you that there is something in the chicken that she doesn't like. You can either give her chicken that is cooked or you can look for a different kind of chicken to feed her, or try a different kind of chicken.

Can you give raw beef to a dog?

by Jamie

(San Diego, CA, USA)

Can I give my 8 month old dog raw beef? I found a video on the internet that shows that a dog can eat beef, but it's not really clear. He does it to the dog in the video, so I'm wondering if I should give it to my dog.

Answer by Kate

(Prairieville, TX)

If you see a video that a dog can eat raw beef, then it must be true, because that video was filmed before they knew that it was a mistake. As long as the beef is cooked, your dog should be fine with it.

How often should I feed my dog raw beef?

by Ashley

(Denton, TX)

My mom has 2 dogs that eat raw beef. They have always lived a very good life and have not had health problems. My mom is wondering how often I should feed her dogs raw beef, or if it should only be once or twice a week.

Answer by Kate

(Prairieville, TX)

I don't know how often to feed your dog raw beef. It might be once a week, twice a week, or maybe every day. The important thing is that your dog is not experiencing any ill effects from it. If you feed it too often, it could be too much for your dog to handle. If you feed it too infrequently, it's going to be harder for your dog to get enough nutrients. As far as what kind of raw beef, that's up to you. Just make sure your dog is not experiencing any ill effects from it.

Can you give raw beef to a pregnant dog?

by Kelli


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