Space cat battle cats

Space cat battle cats

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Space cat battle cats with a tl as he stands his ground and then he begins to charge. The black and brown cat runs right out from behind a tree and jumps on the other one. They are still squaring off before the other one goes to attack.

The two cats were still facing each other.

"I think you have the wrong number. We don't have a cat with a tl in this house. Good day," he sd.

The black cat turned and jumped back to the tree as he sd, "How do you know I'm not in need of some help."

"What did you say?" the orange cat asked as she jumped out from behind the tree. "I don't see you need any help."

"I'm on to you. I'm in the house behind you. Can you help me?" he asked.

"This is all some kind of a joke," she sd as she began laughing.

The black cat then jumped to the ground and went up to the front porch. "How did you know about the front porch?"

"My brother told me that when you see a house like this you know it's haunted. He has a tl like yours. Why didn't you ask for help?" she sd.

The orange cat stepped forward and then put her tl up. "Now I understand. You don't want to go inside this house with me. You are scared."

"No I am not, I just don't have time to play with you. My brother is wting for me," he sd as he looked at his watch.

"How about I get you something to eat, as long as you come with me, I will get it," she sd as she jumped onto his shoulder.

"Fine, I'll take you to the kitchen, and get you some food. Just don't eat any of my food, okay?" he asked as he followed her through the big front door.

The black cat ran over to his food bowl and made a big fuss about eating something and then began to lick her paws. "How about you? Would you like to eat some food? It's right in front of you," the cat sd.

She ignored her food and went to sit on the sofa. "Would you like a blanket?" she sd as she held out her paw.

The cat didn't understand, but then she remembered how when she was little she had seen on TV a man who got scared of the cold. He put a blanket on the floor and then he fell asleep on top of it. She smiled at him as he climbed up on top of her and curled up in the blanket. He had brought a large one, so she had plenty of room. She purred a lot and as the two of them curled up, they looked into each other's eyes and fell asleep together.

### Chapter 4

In the kitchen, the cat's mother wted. She was in a hurry because the kitchen was her favorite place to be. It was dark with an oak table and chrs, a stove with an open fire, and a sink full of running water. A large window facing the sea and an open door looking out into the garden invited the warmth in. The walls were a faded blue and the floor was made of old, uneven boards. Nothing about it was new, but it felt homey, comfortable and full of memories for her. It was where she had lived before being taken to the palace.

_She_ was a good cat, but she knew she wasn't perfect. She liked the kitchen best, because the r was cool. It was where she first learned to use her claws to scratch things when she was a kitten, and to hunt mice and other small animals. She was an outdoor cat, but the old house was comfortable for her. She could see the large open window on one wall that looked out over the old garden. She could go out on the balcony to sleep, if she wanted to, or go upstrs to get warm. But the kitchen was where she liked to be.

_She_ didn't mind the kitchen. She loved the kitchen. It was in the house of someone she had loved and trusted, so she knew the person was happy there. She got to sleep on soft, clean linen, eat milk and meat, and scratch things with her claws. She didn't know how to wash anything, but she tried, and got it right about once a week. She could live well without doing much else.

_She_ was a very good cat. She had been trned from a young age to do various tricks. She knew how to climb up a ladder and leap over the arm of the sofa, to balance on her hind legs to watch people enter the room and then hide under the bed to be unseen. She was clever about many things. And she liked her humans, who fed her often and prsed her for her fine tricks.

Now, the old cat is being killed. A cat doesn't remember much about the last hours of her life, but the old cat does. She remembers the young cat's pn. She remembers her fear. She remembers the cat's loneliness and her loneliness when she was being killed. She can hear the _plink_ of the knife in the old cat's back, and she can smell the blood from her own heart. She can see the eyes of the people who are killing her and hear their voices as they speak to each other.

The old cat doesn't _think_ she is in pn. She is just experiencing what happens to other cats in a lot of other places. She knows her life has been taken away, and she is dying. Her last thoughts are about how nice it is to sleep in the cool kitchen, and to enjoy the warmth of a sunbeam on the old cat's face.

But the young cat is thinking about what she is going to do. She has heard that the vet thinks the old cat's eyes are in danger. She has heard that the young cat's life is being taken. She is thinking about how she feels about this, about her life, about her future.

The old cat is being killed, because someone needs her money.

The young cat is being killed, because someone thinks she is worthless.

When the old cat dies, her body will be taken to the vet, and then it will be put in the cat food factory. The people who killed her will be pd to buy more food, and no one will ask how many cats the food factory needs to fill its vats and bins. If the people working in the cat food factory die of food poisoning or disease or from getting caught in a fire, no one will care. No one will be asked how many cats they need to satisfy. There will be a mad scramble to satisfy the demand for food in the shortest possible time, because the profit margin in this business is too big to be missed by anyone. There are too many hungry cats in the world.

The people who killed the old cat will get their money, and they will throw away the dead cat, and they will sell the next batch of food without thinking what happens to the kittens in that food.

_A very good way to look at life,_ sd the young cat.

She smiled at her own thought. _Life is very interesting,_ she thought. _All we have to do is find out who is going to eat us first._


**M** OLYMPUS, IAMAT, and the girl called Fauna were sitting together in a group of about ten other cats that was looking at the food. There was no food being given out to


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