My dog's breath smells like death

My dog's breath smells like death

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My dog's breath smells like death and her mouth has started to bleed.

I go to the pet store and buy a $300 dog collar to make sure this stops, but it only stops for a day or two, and then it starts agn. I go home to tell the vet this is the first and only time it has happened.

I go to the vet, she goes in, the vet is a young woman. I tell her about the nose bleeds, she looks at my dog, and says she's not seeing it. She's checking her eyes, but that's just a sign she could be dehydrated. Then she feels her tongue. She feels it and shakes her head. She says she's not seeing anything wrong with the dog. Then she tells me my dog's tongue smells like a death breath. That my dog's tongue smells like a death breath. The vet calls me a stupid idiot and tells me the dog will probably die.

I try to expln that I have always taken great care of her, fed her good food, used proper veterinary care, etc. I say to her that if her job is to make sure that animals are well and healthy, she should be seeing something wrong. I say that I'm not a stupid idiot. I ask her for her contact information so I can send her a copy of her medical records so she can see how great her job is. I tell her I think she should be a professional animal person. I say that I think her attitude is awful, but I think she's a liar and a coward because she won't see my dog. I also say that I think she thinks I'm stupid.

I leave the office, and my dog has bled for a month. I call the vet and compln. She says I was stupid to listen to that girl's advice. She says I should have taken care of the problem myself. I can't take care of her, she's got a problem.

We go to the vet together. I don't understand why she won't help my dog. I've been taking care of her for years. I feed her. I walk her. I clean the house. I even do her bills. The vet is still rude and condescending. She acts like I have done something to hurt my dog. I'm trying to help her. I'm trying to be a good friend. But the vet says I have done something to hurt my dog. Then I have to expln about my ex, and the ex has had her for years, and she's helped me pay for medical bills in the past. I expln my ex, and the vet is like "I don't care what your ex did, you never should have sent your dog to that one. It doesn't matter, we're just going to take care of her and tell you we don't have her results." I ask the vet for her results, and she's like "We don't give you our results. We don't feel it's our job to tell you what you did to your dog. It's not your dog." I ask agn, and she's like "She has Hep B. Hep B is not a joke. It can kill your dog." I try to expln to her about the risk of Hep B, and that I've treated her before and she never had the disease. I just need to know what the tests are. I've even bought a dog vaccine to try and prevent her from contracting the disease. She won't give the test. She says she just don't care. I have a sick dog. The vet can take care of her. She's like I'm just a stupid friend. I'm trying to help my friend. I'm trying to treat her like she's my own pet. I'm trying to get care for my friend.

Why do women make themselves out to be such victims all the time? You know, I really don't get it. So I'm like, "Well, tell you what, I'm going to make sure you know we're going to put her down if you don't let me have her results and show me the treatment plan that you're going to do for her, or we're going to do it for her right now." She's like "No, that's not going to happen." I'm like "Oh, this is going to be so easy. We're going to put her down and we're going to have a doctor come and do it for us." She's like "I'm not going to let you put her down." So she's trying to take care of her dog. I'm taking care of my friend. I'm not just trying to get medical treatment for a sick friend. I'm trying to take care of a sick dog. I'm going to take my dog to the vet if she wants it. If she wants a treatment plan or a treatment plan for a vet, I'm going to get it. I'm going to do the best I can for her, and I'm going to do everything I can for her, and I'm going to do the best I can. She's getting upset that I'm trying to take care of my friend. We're trying to put her down, and I'm like, "We're not putting her down. If you don't want to be together, we're just going to find you a home for her." I want to put my friend in a home, but she just won't let us. She won't let us do that. We can't have her be in our house while she's sick. We can't have her run around here. We can't have her jump on you. We can't have her sleep on our bed. You're just upset that you don't know how to help her, and I'm trying to help her and you're not letting me help her."

I sd, "I'm sorry, buddy. I'm really trying to do the best I can. I'm trying to find a plan for her. We have not come to an agreement." He sd, "Why don't you get another family member to help you then?" I sd, "I can't do that, bro. That's where you and your sister come in. She needs someone to watch out for her. I'm going to make sure she's not in trouble, and she needs someone to take care of her. I need you to come in here and help me take care of her." He sd, "I don't want to come in here, because we just had an argument, and she got upset." I sd, "Look, you want to come in and help me take care of her? If I let you come in here, you'll help me? You'll help me with my plan?" He sd, "Yes, I will." Then he walked out. He never came back in the house, and that was the first time he's ever stepped foot in the house.

So, I started getting things ready for her. I was in the process of putting a playhouse in the backyard, because I told him I couldn't do it right now. I sd I'd be back, but I had to work on the playhouse, and then he sd, "I'll help you." He came over to the playhouse, which is located on my back porch, and started taking things out and putting things in. He came out and helped me with it and then sd, "Where are the strs? How do I get her up?" I sd, "We're going to take it out." So, I took the playhouse out, and I just put it on the concrete driveway in front of the house. He sd, "There's a step out front, I can put the strs


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