Simon's Cat vs. dickybird

Simon's Cat has a bird - at least in this video. While the cheeky kitty lets off steam in the snow, she is surprised by a birdie that is fist-thick behind the ears. The cat knows how to help ...

"Why does the garden look so different?" Asks Simon's Cat and examines the snow in front of the house. At first carefully and then with full enthusiasm, the cat lets off steam in the white water. But then a bird comes flying and starts to annoy the velvet paw. "Peng!", The birdie has already thrown a snowball at Simon's Cat.

But the cat does not put up with it and goes on the offensive. "Zack!", The bird was hit by a snowball. But the bird of prey also shows perseverance and further annoys the kitty. The animals have been playing this game for quite a while. Ultimately, however, Simon's Cat has to admit defeat when she is showered with a large load of snow - an exciting day for the velvet paw.

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