Watch courage the cowardly dog

Watch courage the cowardly dog,

And let the manly horse have place

Beneath the gallant little boat."


"The moon was in her first or second quarter.

The tide was on the turn.

A ship was in sight."


"Let the little one come to me,

Let the baby come to me,

Let the little one come to me."


"It's the old story, the old story,

It's the old story, it's the old story,

The man's a-saying, he's a-saying,

He's a-saying, 'I loves ye, I loves ye.'


"I love you, I love you,

I loves you a-lenty, I love ye,

I loves ye so much,

I loves you a-lenty."


"Love me for my money,

For my coat and vest,

For my pretty pretty face,

My hr as black as jet."


"In a cottage on the sea,

There was a pretty child,

Her hr was as yellow as corn,

And her eyes as blue as the sea."


"Hush, my little baby,

Hush, my baby, my baby,

You don't know how dear you are,

Hush, my baby, my baby."


"The birds they sing in the morning,

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