Checklist for buying a dog: what does your newcomer need?

The time has come! The dog purchase was successful and a new roommate moves into your home. You can use the following checklist to check whether you have thought of everything to welcome your four-legged friend. Dog buying: have you thought of everything on the checklist? - Image: Shutterstock / Sandra Kemppainen

Ideally, go through this checklist before picking up the dog. The unusual situation in the new environment is very exciting for the four-legged friend - so it is good when everything is in its place. This saves you and the little guy a lot of stress.

Checklist for puppies and adult dogs

At the top of the checklist for buying a dog are transport boxes - which of course should be adapted to the size of the newcomer - a dog basket and bowls for water and food. You should also have a supply of suitable feed ready. Ask the breeder, previous owner or animal shelter what the new family member's favorite food is and what diet is suitable for it.

In addition, you need a collar or harness in the appropriate size, a drag line and for puppies a special puppy leash. Brushes or combs are just as important as suitable toys, treats and doggie bags to pick up the legacies of your four-legged friend.

What else is important after buying a dog?

Also keep in mind that you have to register the fur ball for tax after buying the dog. Furthermore, there may be additional specific legal requirements in your area - you should also inform yourself about this in advance.

Dog puppies to fall in love with

In addition, it makes sense to look for a veterinarian nearby and make a first appointment for a check-up. Then the dog can already get to know the practice without doing anything bad. Also register your pet in the pet registry and take out dog liability insurance as a precaution.

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