Tom cat animal crossing

Tom cat animal crossing

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Tom cat animal crossing

I have a couple of 2-3 year old males that don't want to let go of each other. I know that I'm supposed to use a cat carrier to move them to another house, but since I'm just moving to a condo, I'm not sure how I should do it.

Does anyone know how to handle this situation? Are there rules on when to use a cat carrier?

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When I moved my cats to my new place I just put them in a regular carrier, but then the cats fought so I put them both into an empty carrier. The next day they got out and went into the house to "find their bed" and that is when they started sleeping in the house. We've had them ever since and they sleep in the same bed.

I also let them sleep together and don't have any problem with them at all, so I wouldn't be concerned about having them share the same bed. If it bothers you put them in the carrier overnight so that they have to be apart. When they come out, get them to sit on your lap, or play with them and you should be able to work on their relationship.

If they're still fighting then you might want to have them stay apart for a couple of weeks, then try again.

I used to have this problem when moving to a new place. I just placed them in the carrier and kept the carrier open for a few days until they stopped fighting. Then I shut the door and left them alone. If they started fighting again I would leave the carrier open for another day or two until they settled down. Then I would shut the door and close it up.

If the fight got too bad they could both stay in the carrier. I've seen videos on youtube where one would stay in the carrier and the other would sleep next to him for about a week until they started getting along. It works for me and I've tried other methods and they have all worked for me.

As for the carrier, I use the smallest carrier that will hold them both. I have found that my cats have a lot more respect for one another when they are in a smaller carrier, and the smaller size also makes it a lot easier to close.

I don't believe there are any rules about using a cat carrier. As long as your cats can get along when you put them in the carrier and when you bring them out, they should be fine. I always put them in the carrier and shut the door and leave them alone. They get to work on their relationship when I come back later, if they are fighting. When they stop fighting, I let them out and they are fine.

We had the same problem when we moved from an apartment to a house. We have two boys, one is a stray, and the other was rescued at the animal shelter. We kept them both in their cat carrier for 3 days until they got settled, then we let them out. They spent a week in the same room, and then a month in the same room, but now they live in the same bedroom. They do sometimes get a little rambunctious, but we're getting them to know their boundaries and what they can do. If they ever try to get into our house, we have a dog they need to deal with first. I'm sure it's the same for you!

I think that using a carrier is a good way to handle it. They can see one another through the bars of the carrier and get to know each other. You can also close the door and give them time to get used to one another.

I always use a small carrier and have two males in it at a time, but I would keep them separated for a week before putting them together. They have plenty of time to figure things out.

As for the condo, it's up to you and your landlord. You don't need a license to keep animals, but you will need a license to keep them indoors. I wouldn't keep them in the house if you only have a lease for a year or so, because they will be spending a lot of time there. As long as you aren't getting into fights, you should be fine, but make sure your condo allows cats. If they aren't allowed, then it may get complicated because they would have to be moved to a boarding kennel, or to your house if you move.

When we moved, we put them both in a small cat carrier, closed the door and left them. When we came back a day or so later they were already trying to get along. I'm sure that it is the same for you, but in case you were wondering, there are no rules about it. I don't know what your condo policy is, but I would imagine that you can just ask your landlord.

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